In the Arctic recorded temperatures 30 degrees above normal

In the times, which are usually at the North pole is hardly not the cold, the experts recorded in the Greenland sea an unprecedented thaw. As reported in February, the average Arctic temperature was 20 degrees Celsius above normal, and in some periods it exceeded the norm of 30 degrees and “positive”.


Until March 20 in the Northern part of the Land continues the polar night, and time is considered to be very cold. The specialists of the American System of global weather, this time the air temperature rose sharply. Accurately measure in this region is quite difficult, but a number of independent methods of analysis showed that it was close to freezing (or, in this case, melting) of water.

The researchers note that in the entire history of observations, ongoing since 1958 experts has never been recorded such a powerful warming. In General, the events of this kind were once very rare, now occur more often, last longer and be more noticeable. According to experts, such tendency testifies to the rapid climate change to a much greater extent than recorded record.

With the increase in air temperature at the North pole, and experts attribute the reduction in the number of ice — in January it was less than ever before in this month. Thus between these phenomena, scientists record and an inverse — melting ice releases the warm water, which in turn heats the atmosphere.

Climatologists are not yet ready to answer, whether such a thaw at the North pole “norm”, but at the moment they represent out of the ordinary events. Scientists assure us that they do not feel like they are sensationalizing the story or exaggerate the importance of events.

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