Nikita Mikhalkov admitted that his father hated children

March 13 (February 28 old style), marks 105 years since the birth of poet, playwright and author of the national anthem, Sergei Mikhalkov. No fancy celebrations, as it was before, not planned. Nikita Mikhalkov hard at work on a Tome dedicated to his father. And the widow of Sergei Mikhalkov intends to continue to access libraries in different cities, focused on children’s literature.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Wednesday at one table gathered Nikita Mikhalkov and his sons, Artem and Stepan, as well as Egor Konchalovsky to remember their own person. Urgent business prevented Andrei Konchalovsky join an evening of memories. Initially dealt with, who was the favorite grandson of the famous children’s writer. This is believed Yegor. But he denied such speculation: “Sergey loved all the children of the country equally”. Stepan Mikhalkov confirmed: “His grandchildren were the whole country”. And remember, as the senior Mikhalkov announced the birth of a granddaughter — daughter of Stepan. Mikhalkov responded: “great-Granddaughter? In General, what’s the news?” He to the last days were in childhood. His wife Natalia Konchalovsky always repeated: “Serezha always 13 years.”

Nikita Mikhalkov recalled children’s nihilism as argued with his father. One day they were driving in the car, and he said something disparaging about his poetry. Sergey stopped the car, saying: “They feed you. Out of here!” Had Nikita stomp 20 km walk. The system of education was hard. Only in adulthood, the son realized the genius of his father: “He hated children, how the children hate each other. His poems are devoid of adult assessment. How much time has passed, how many governments has changed, and his poems are living, because deprived of the edification. I have recently discovered his poetry — they are a brilliant diamond. What they are bold and amazing.”

When journalists pestered by Sergei Mikhalkov questions how he managed to exist under any government, he replied: “the Volga flows for all modes”. According to Nikita Mikhalkov, his father was a tremendous immune system, and he never lied, he believed in what he says. Therefore, he wrote in the book of the Stalin Museum in Gori: “I believed him. He trusted me”.

“What do you feel when you see women with whom you had an affair?” — asked the son of the father. “The horror,” he answered. That was the whole Mikhalkov. He forgot who helped, hated when he was thanked, for the sake of justice “per the bayonets.” “Yes, he was a courtier, — says Nikita Mikhalkov, but for him power was a cross and not a dream. He loved the awards, wore, and said, “Better on the chest than on a pillow in front”. And never lost his sense of humor and self-irony”.

When Victoria Tokareva noticed that all the big mouths Mikhalkov, Sergei Vladimirovich, said: “The “cheers” shout”. He married in later years to a woman who is younger than his 50 years. And why? “He was never old. Many age wither and become ugly. Even all. All old people are disgusting. And he had aged beautifully,” — said Tokarev. When the journalist flattered him: “you have great kids,” he said, “Take orders”.

It turned out that his father Sergei Mikhalkov was engaged in poultry farming, even wrote a book about what to do to chickens better rushed. And Sergey was saved by Panteleimonov monastery on mount Athos. Thence the Abbot has complained: “the Greek authorities waiting for us to die out, and all will come under the jurisdiction of the local Church.” Lived there for 7 monks. Even in Moscow, Mikhalkov whispered to Brezhnev: “mount Athos treasures untold”. And sent to young monks. As the wife of the elder Mikhalkov — member of the Supreme Council, President of the Union of writers was a believer, the house came the priest. Sergey quickly removed. And for those who tried to attack him, said in earnest: “My wife is older than me by 10 years. Can’t redo.” In General, any situation find a way out.

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