Physicist predicted the imminent contact of mankind with aliens

Already in this century, humans make contact with aliens, says Physicist and science popularizer Michio Kaku. In his opinion, to the year 2100 people will be able to catch radio signals representing the negotiations of the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations.


Specialist, quoted assumes that people will be able to decipher the language of the aliens, and find out what type Kardashev scale they belong to. A type I civilization uses all available resources on its home planet; type II civilization — harnesses all the energy of its star; type III — a of its galaxy. By the way, mankind has not yet even first of these types, because might not use all the resources of the Earth.

The scientist did not rule out the possibility that the Earth will fly alien spaceship, whose crew personally confirm the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. However, such a scenario is considered unlikely scientist — in his opinion, from the point of view of a highly developed alien civilization is unlikely to be worthy to organize such an expedition.

It should be noted that other scholars, admitting the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations also do not believe that aliens are “personally” will come to Earth, however, tend to explain it differently — even a hypothetical civilization of the future is unlikely to be able to move faster than the speed of light, and this means that regardless of the extent of curiosity’s flight to Earth would take unimaginably long time.

To date, beyond Earth there is not a single cosmic body, about the origin of life which mankind would be known for certain. However, many scientists hope that alien micro-organisms or their remains may be found even within the Solar system (e.g. Mars or some moons of gas giants). The probability of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations, some scientists also do not exclude — in the vast Universe there are many stars like our Sun and planets like Earth, so we can assume that on one of these planets the conditions were suitable for the emergence of intelligent beings. There are even projects which receive messages from aliens trying serious experts as examples of the projects SETI and Breakthtough Listen.

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