Published “suicide” photos of famous probe “Cassini”

Scientists from the American space Agency NASA, processed and published online photos of the probe “Cassini” made just before it was destroyed in the atmosphere of Saturn. On one of the experts noted the point where the spacecraft fell.


Cassini was launched in 1997, and in mid-2004 reached Saturn and began its study. For more than 13 years of work by Cassini is allowed to know more with the weather, the seasons and the auroras on the gas giant, and also received some indirect evidence that its satellite Enceladus could be habitable.

Another important event that took place in the framework of the mission was to land on Titan, another moon of Saturn, the descent probe “Huygens”, launched together with Cassini and referred to in full name of the mission. This probe, in particular, has allowed to confirm the availability of on Titan “reservoirs” of methane.

The final phase of the mission started in April last year. It was called the Grand Finale (“the Final Opera”). In English this phrase is often used to refer to the final part of the presentation, in the “literal” sense, it can be translated as “Grand finale”. At the final stage of his mission, the spacecraft has helped to clarify the thickness of the famous rings of the planet. In September, the station “Cassini” burned in the atmosphere.

The decision to “drown” the companion in the atmosphere of Saturn was dictated primarily by two motives — first, the experts didn’t want Cassini accidentally crashed into any of the potentially habitable moons of the planet, the “contaminating” terrestrial organisms, and secondly, by itself the opportunity to look at a gas giant “near” scientists intrigued.

Pictures taken shortly before the collapse, can be seen on the website of the American space Agency.

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