St. Petersburg scientists have developed an airplane wing which is not afraid of turbulence

To upgrade the wings of the aircraft on the principle of bird offered by the scientists of St. Petersburg. This is to ensure that he was not subject to turbulence.


As reported by “MK” at the mathematics and mechanics faculty St. Petersburg state University, the know-how of the researchers assembled in nature: birds do not experience shaking from the flow of air because have a unique system of balancing of pressures, i.e. feathers, which constantly tweak the air jets. Mimicking the plumage, the developers of the mechanical wing is divided into 100 cells of size 5 by 5 cm, each equipped with its own micro-computer with pressure sensor. Depending on the wind strength every mini brain makes a decision about raising the blades above the cell. To do it at the right angle, it takes into account the force of the wind exerting pressure on the neighboring cells.

According to the developers, this multi-agent group interaction is very similar to the system block-chain (storing information on multiple hard disks) that does not depend on any one of the main “brain”of the computer and operates independently, according to the principle of artificial intelligence. Even if a single micro-brain, managing one “pen”, fails, the system will automatically take over its functions. In the future, experts want to make pens smaller, i.e. to reduce the area of each blade twice. The aim is to maintain an ideal air flow for an aircraft in any moment of the flight.

The first tests proved the effectiveness of the invention, and if it will realize, about the unpleasant shaking during turbulence on the plane will be forgotten forever.

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