The wife of Nicholas Karachentsova: “Not going to go with an outstretched hand”

The wife of Nicholas Karachentsova actress Lyudmila Porgina has denied rumors that she supposedly has announced the collection of money for treatment of her husband in Israel. We phoned to Lyudmila, and she told us.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

– I was misunderstood. I talked about that will start to collect the money, but their own, and not strangers. What we have in the family, in the family of my son. I was surprised when I suddenly and Newspapers, and television programs to offer to publish the account for transfer of funds for the treatment Kolenka. I’m not going to go with an outstretched hand. Anyway, about the treatment that you want the stake now, too early.

According to Lyudmila Porgina about going to a clinic in Israel can speak only after the doctors there will examine the medical records of her husband, send “welcome” and calculate how much it will cost the gamma rays.

– And in Moscow this procedure can be done?

– She has only one clinic, but the cost is off the charts – 300 thousand dollars. And then, our physician who is Kolya, said we should do it in Israel.

– When you expect there to answer?

The answer can come at any time, even tomorrow, but the fact is, that in any case the stake will be the rate of gamma rays to do no sooner than a month, only at the end of March. After all, we have just ended a course of chemotherapy. The results are stunning – the tumor is brought to 3 to 4 metastases no no. Kohl is doing well. He even gained weight and lost 4 pounds.

You before treatment had an active lifestyle. Now, in connection with such stress on the body that something has changed in your schedule?

– No, we – well done, all the difficulties already behind. We are not going to change their way of life. Here on March 2 we go to Sasha Kulagino for the premiere of “Decameron”, and four days later will fly to St. Petersburg in the theatre of Andrei Mironov Rudolf Furmanov on the presentation of the theatrical award “Figaro”. Every year we go there and do not want to miss this stunner. We hope to stay in St. Petersburg until March 11, so I would like something interesting to get into. Don’t know what’s stunning to look at?

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