“Voltage jumping”: the tenants of the burned house I remembered about the posting problems

Electrical problem likely caused a major fire on March 1 in the town of Ramenskoye in Moscow region. An hour before the tragedy, the tenant of the house called the emergency service to troubleshoot problems with electricity.

photo: Leo Speransky

The apartment in which the explosion occurred.

As it became known “MK”, fire in the house 5 along the street Kirov broke out around 7.30. At this time people are going for work, I heard two sharp cotton in one of the apartments on the second floor (one strong, the second slightly weaker). After a couple of minutes in the entrance emerged an open flame and a corridor has tightened a caustic smoke. Some residents were cut off by fire from out of their homes, so they escaped by jumping from Windows and balconies of the burning structure.

— I saw the burning house. The street was a small panic, MOE staff have not arrived yet. Everywhere could be heard cries for help and vilest! I stopped. Tried also to help people. When I realized that confused me a little and okay here without me, went on, — told “MK” the eyewitness of incident Sergey.

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“Completely burnt out: video of the apartment exploded in Ramenskoye”


According to the representative of administration of Ramensky, as a result of PE, according to preliminary data, killed 80-year-old pensioner and 18-year-old girl. One of them died on the balcony, another dead body found in the stairwell, crushed by a collapsed wall. The young woman wore in the entrance of winter boots and do not have time to leave the house. In total, the hospital has treated 10 people. After examination, the four were released home. Two citizens diagnosed with light injuries, four injuries associated with falling from a height, and slight carbon monoxide poisoning. Now homeless people (22 people) are placed in kindergarten, located in front of the burning house. With them psychologists work.

photo: Leo Speransky
The girl died on the landing.

Now, rescuers together with investigators to find out the cause of the accident. While practiced two versions — explosion of household gas or heating, which could be long time at full power due to hit the capital region frosts. One of the residents of the house remembered that the night was observed surges.

— About 6 in the morning I was going to work. But the appliances and light switches are very poorly — was racing. I called the emergency service. Brigade arrived. They’re there to fiddle, cut the power and left, — the man told.

According to security officials, cannot be recovered six flats between them collapsed wall. Only in the aftermath of the accident was attended by 12 people and 4 units of special equipment.

photo: Leo Speransky

— On this fact an inspection is carried out. In the result of incident there was a partial collapse of the bearing wall of the house. Are the circumstances of the incident, the cause of the smoke, the number of victims and damages. By results of check will be solved a question on excitation of criminal case, — has told “MK” the senior assistant administrator of GSU SK of Russia across Moscow region Olga Brady.

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