“The trade deficit the U.S. in January rose to the highest in almost 10 years

– The trade deficit the U.S. in January 2018 rose to $56.6 billion from a revised $53.9 bln in December, indicates a statement released on Wednesday the report of the Ministry of trade of the country.

The deficit was a record since October 2008.

Analysts on average had expected increases to $55 billion from previously announced $53.1 billion

The trade deficit with China increased last month to a record from September 2015 to $36 billion, with Canada – rose to its highest level in three years.

Negative balance of foreign trade of the States, without regard to price fluctuations (the figure used to calculate GDP) rose to $69.7 billion, compared with $68.5 billion in December.

The growth of foreign trade deficit the US recorded amid the prospect of a new “trade wars”: as previously stated the President of Donald trump, he intends to impose additional duties on the importation of steel and aluminum. The European Union pledged to impose retaliatory duties, if the States adopt these measures.

Import of goods and services in the U.S. in January has not changed and amounted to $257,5 billion, While foreign purchases of gasoline jumped to the highest level in three years. The volume of exports since December, declined 1.3% to $200,9 billion. Exports of consumer goods reached a record high in history $17.9 billion, deliveries of cars and spare parts increased to a maximum with 2014.

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