“Russian biathlete Lysova won gold of the Paralympics

Having won the race athletes with visual impairment, she became a five-time Paralympic champion

Paralympic champion Mikhalina Lysova (center), silver medalist Oksana Shishkova (Ukraine, left) and bronze medalist Svetlana Sakhanenko (Belarus, right)Photo: Reuters

– Russia’s Mikhalina Lysova won the Paralympics in 2018 in Pyeongchang, winning the women race at the distance of 6 km among the athletes with visual impairment.

The distance walked in 18 minutes 48.3 seconds, not allowing both shooting a single miss.

Second place went to Ukrainian Oksana Shishkova. It also failed to miss even once, but lost to Russian 38.5 seconds.

The bronze medalist was Svetlana, Sakhanenko from Belarus. She had three penalties and the gap from first place in 1 minute 40.9 seconds.

Thus, the Russian athletes have won to date, three medals at the Paralympics in 2018. Earlier gold and silver won Ekaterina Rumyantseva and Anna Milenina respectively – in the race of athletes in the class of “standing”.

As for Lisovoy, it became a five-time Paralympic champion. On account of its three gold medals in biathlon and two in cross-country skiing.

Paralympics 2018 in Pyeongchang runs from 9 to 18 March, the Russians are under a neutral flag.

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