“The Minister of culture of the Samara region called the ugly behavior of Michael Ephraim

Sergey Filippov said that he was on the show “Contemporary” which has caused indignation of the audience

Mikhail Efremov in the play “don’t be a stranger”Photo: TASS, Stoyan Vasev

– Acting Minister of culture of the Samara region Sergey Filippov commented on the play of the theater “Contemporary” in Samara, when the actor Mikhail Efremov, as reported by witnesses, came on the scene Nathrezim.

“On the play I was like an ordinary viewer. To leave the play do not have the habit, even if you don’t like. The trick Ephraim believe ugly. I hope that the leadership of the “Contemporary” will find a way to apologize to the Samara public,” Filippov wrote in his Facebook.

He stated that with respect to the theater “Contemporary”, although this play he did not like.

Samara the Minister also stressed that this is a commercial play, for his organization of the regional Ministry of culture had no relationship.

“For some commentators, it is forced to note: unlike the audience in the hall writing Samara louts no better than the speakers of Moscow, even if they are in a Deputy’s status,” he concluded.

Earlier in social networks there were messages Samartsev, who visited the play “don’t be a stranger” of the theater “Contemporary” in the Samara Opera and ballet theatre, which criticized the statement, noting inappropriate behavior of the actor.

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