“The Russian team entered the top three in the overall standings after the first day of the Paralympics

At the head of the medal standings of the competition in Pyeongchang is team USA

– The Paralympic team of Russia shares second-third place with France in the medal standings of the winter Games in Pyeongchang on the first day of the raffle prizes.

On Saturday, Russian sportsmen won three medals – two gold and one silver; the same athletes from France. In first place is team USA – three gold, one silver and one bronze medals.

The top five also included the teams of Ukraine (1, 1, 3) and Canada (1, 1, 2).

As reported, the gold and silver were won by Russian Ekaterina Rumyantseva and Anna Milenina respectively – in the race of athletes in the class of “standing”. In addition, the gold medal was won by biathlete Mikhalina Lysova in the race among athletes with sight violation.

Paralympics 2018 in Pyeongchang runs from 9 to 18 March, the Russians are under a neutral flag.

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