Football: our expert explained why “the locomotive” will not miss the championship

Football expert Alexander Killers in his interview to “MK” — the second part of the season in the Premier League, the chances of the Russian clubs in the Europa League and preparing for the world Cup.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

To the delight of fans the football season is almost a month since he came back to us – first as the European Cup, and then as a national championship. About what introduced after the off-season teams of the Russian football Premier League (RFPL), what to expect from the European competitions in spring and than heart will calm down before the home world Cup, we told the sports Manager, the representative of the interests of many famous players Alexander Maniacs.

“Vadim Yevseyev, a specialist in the future”

— Can provide a most striking episode of the game upon the resumption of the championship of Russia?

— Perhaps this is the goal of “Arsenal” in the match “Ahmad”. It is not often that leads to the victory of such an incident. That’s what I remember the most. Moreover, both teams are close in the standings and decide about the same task — to get into the Europa League zone.

— Would like to review some match of the 21st round?

— Call “Zenit” — “Amkar”, the debut game Vadim Evseev in the role of acting head coach Permjakov. This game is interesting to me in terms of ideas Vadim Valentinovich. He was right: if something does not work, do not look for explanations on the side. By and large, as I understand it, the “Zenith” was not overwhelming, to consider that “Amkar” “bounced”.

— Relevant whether the sharp criticism of Roberto Mancini to the judge?

— I think Mancini has allowed himself to criticize the officiating, because they have mastered the post-match feelings. Probably now he would have said differently. And you still need to control yourself.

— Did you personally communicate with Vadim Valentinovich after the tour?

— Yes, we talked already several times. He has no special emotion there. In General it is only on the field and on the bench for such a vigorous man, and in conversation quite discreet. Of course, internally pleased that his team earned a point in opposition to a favorite for the foreign field. In that position, which now houses “Amkar”, every win and even a draw now at a premium. Plus, the Perm team is injured leading players Gusenkov and Komolov, there are problems with the composition. But Vadim chose the right tactics. He told me that Zenit had expected, it was. The result is natural, prepared.

— As it relates to his appointment of the head coach?

— Work in “Amkar” — a good chance for Vadim. He is ready to show its capabilities. Of course, there is a big difference compared with Ivanovo “the Textile worker”, the Prime Minister-League and PFL are not comparable, but even at that level, he showed himself as a specialist in the future. While he continued acting, it was just one game. Too early to say whether it is approved. At the forefront is the result. There may be destruction, but understandable that the leadership knew to what purpose he is leading the team, what it requires and what kind of football he wants to play…

— And what is its purpose?

— It is on the surface — staying in the Premier League, given that the large influx of players in the “Amkar” during this transfer window was not. Took in rent Alanara, Suslov came from Norway, but the core remains the same. In General, not a lot…

To maintain residence in the Premier League is important, and given the financial turmoil, which was at Amkar. It all affects the mood in the team. Just the task Vadim — motivate guys to infect a single idea.

— Does the new coach anyone?

— Separately, he didn’t mention anyone. Looks good goalkeeper Artur Nigmatullin; a good amount in the center of the field is midfielder Pavel Komolov. Had a choice strikers bodul of Odense BK, Alanara, Prokofiev, Salugin.

— For your information, “Amkar” all-taki plans to buy Alanara?

— It all depends on the short term. Assume that Vadim will remain until acting. If you manage to gain a foothold in the Premier League, I am sure that it will appoint the head coach. Then under the finances for next season and his vision of football and he will think about moving Alanara. It is not yet clear whether the money and show himself as the striker for this time.

A landmark acquisition of “Krasnodar”

— Go to the match “Krasnodar” — “Rostov”. What impression did you have of this meeting?

— I will not say that someone caught my eye. Once again, its high level has proven to us Fedor Smolov. In “Rostov” played well Dmitry Skopintsev. His first match in the Premier League, but he acted quite actively. Oleg Shatov, we can say that the player with the spark of God. Now he’ll feel for the rhythm of the game in the “Krasnodar” and will look even more amazing. We sometimes meet with Oleg as good friends, we talk.

— Discuss football?

— Basically, Yes. Talk about relationships, gaming moments. And not just him. We live football, and therefore all thoughts of him.

— The refereeing in the match “Krasnodar” with the “Rostov” it was all right?

— You can dig and up to a lamppost. I watched the game just as a fan, which is interesting to see the Russian football after the winter break. Valery Karpin has headed “Rostov”. On his team look exciting: maybe he brought something new to the tactics and the build of the game “Rostov”. The same is true about “Krasnodar” with its landmark acquisition transfer lease Oleg Shatov. This is interesting, but the subtleties of refereeing may dismantle other.

— Why do you think the transfer Shatov landmark for the bulls?

— He is a great player. “Krasnodar” surprise leases and purchases of players like Axel witsel, Andreas Granqvist… Oleg from the same story. It came from the leader of our football, the richest club — it also puts its mark on this transition. In addition, for anybody not a secret that the goal of Oleh now game practice and contact with the home world championship. Here’s a whole combination of factors that makes this transition is noticeable in the Russian football.

— How big are his chances to be in the national team?

— I recently met with Stanislav Salamovich (Cherchesov), and most importantly, what he was talking about — that game. Oleg it is. Now all will depend only on him. All the prerequisites for playing for the national team he has.

— I have to ask about the match Lokomotiv — Spartak. It took place in a special atmosphere, snow. Whether it was necessary to hold a meeting in the snow?

— I will say this, if weather conditions were different, the football would have turned out more eventful. But even in this situation, I note important save Vladislav Ignatiev.

Lokomotiv will not miss the championship

The team returned to the operation mode in optimal condition.

They have already played in the Europa League. “Spartak” played very well, took off, and “locomotive” with a plus sign played: passed on. What I see, it seems that “railwaymen” functional and game ready better relations. But look at the spring, who what place will occupy in the Premier League. I think Lokomotiv will win it.

— Drag-race still going on?

— Most likely, Yes. The “Locomotive” is not what obstacles, but the tension. The team participates in the European tournament. Perhaps the players will cope in the championship will not miss. Recovered Ari and Corluka, there was a variability of composition. Plus, of course, in the spring the field will be better, I’ll go zatravochka. As always, closer to the climax to the matches attracted more attention begins Altai around them. Of course, we will have an interesting ending, but “the locomotive” will not miss the trophy.

Now no team can compete with him?

— Don’t see what can prevent “Zenit”. “Spartak” it looks fresher, but the “Locomotive” has accumulated quite a serious vosmikova stock and a lot of experienced players in the squad: strong goalkeeper, the defensive line, where the good Solomon Kverkvelia… Yuri Pavlovich Semin has extensive experience of the struggle for the highest places. Coaching staff: Pashinin, Loskov, Oganesyan, Baturenko — also became Champions as players or members of the coaching staff and know how to behave at the finish line, what to tell the guys how to set them up because they are ready for it always.

In Russia know how to play football

— If to speak about the Europa League…

Now that phase where it is important and interesting to every confrontation. There is no walk-through teams or outright upstarts… there was only strong clubs with serious problems. Think, will be spectacular and the matches, “Locomotive” from “Atletico” and “Zenith” with “Leipzig”. I’m going to go to the game with the “Leipzig” in Petersburg.

In many countries, the matches are held in three days, on the fourth. Given that the clubs participating in the Europa League has some of the best players of Russia, the stock of physical strength they have. Everything should be fine. The players get good money and don’t complain. Nothing wrong with this chart, no, no need to be sorry.

— Have a chance to reach the final of the tournament?

— It is quite likely. Our teams have twice played in the final – and, incidentally, won.

— You will be in this case to root for a particular club?

— I’m rather sick of the people with whom I have a friendship or professional relationship. Each club has a personal reference. In “Zenith” Igor Smolnikov. Personally, I will worry for him. God forbid that the citizens as far as possible passed. In the “Locomotive” personally rooting for Oleg pashinina, Dmitri Loskov, Yuri Pavlovich Semin. Want them, so to speak, rumbled. In CSKA, I really sympathize with Victor Gancharenko. I consider it one of the most strong Russian coaches. Thus he continually learns and develops. He plays Timur Zhamaletdinov. Wish he had the trophy, because in team sports, the top places are harder to conquer than individually.

Besides, we are all Russians. Can’t understand when fans “Spartaka” in Euro cups continue to be CSKA or Vice versa. It’s all clubs of our country. If they have more victories you get, the higher the rating of Russian football. Here’s what you need to survive.

— And suddenly two Russian teams will have to play against each other? Who will be given preference in this case?

— This can happen, but I would not like. It’s better in the final meet. There we will be rooting for beautiful football, that all looked and said, “In Russia, it appears, know how to play a real, vivid and meaningful football.”

— Very soon will start and matches of the national team. From your point of view, all of the possible players for this?

— Stanislav Salamovich Cherchesov prediagnostic look. In principle, some physical condition issues should not be. The only, very important the rhythm of the game, and while few played matches. Issues can be just that. But the match against Brazil will be fine.

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