German players refused to boycott the 2018 world Cup in Russia

The tabloid Bild asked the German players if they want to go to Russia for the world Cup, and will torment their conscience, when they will play in the country, which, as says the German edition, continues to bomb children in Syria and to wage war in the East of Ukraine. Interviewed players and managers agreed on the fact that armed conflicts are not encouraging anyone, but the football has to bring joy to people and to unite them.

The journalists of the newspaper Bild has decided to ask German players and sports managers whether their bad conscience in connection with the 2018 world Cup in Russia, which, according to the publication, engaged in several wars and maintains the doping.

So, the player of “Bavaria” and German national team Thomas Muller said that the current situation “nobody likes”, but the athletes have to do for people something good, and “football is something that brings people joy”. Bayern forward Sandro Wagner also said that his horrifying footage from Syria, but athletes of his game needs to bring people joyful emotions.

In the German football Union said that through sports you can not solve problems that are not solved in the UN. “In the world Cup at the forefront should be the football. Competition should help to meet people from all over the world, not to promote propaganda”, — said the head of the Union Reinhard quiet and scenic sur.

According to the trainer of German national team Joachim Loew, if the team participates in the tournament – it doesn’t mean that she supports the regime of the country in which it takes place. “We will not allow to turn yourself into someone else’s instrument, no matter where we play, we will always defend our values such as diversity, openness, tolerance,” he said, adding that the Germans expect from the team victory at this world championship.

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