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The spring part of the present championship of Russia attractive by the fact that we will see football in a completely new arenas built for the world Cup. Part of the Russian football Premier League (as well as the FNL and PFL) will be the test, where will be checked and tested all systems and services before the most important tournament held every four years.


According to the FIFA requirements, each stadium of the world Cup should conduct at least three test match before hosting the best teams in the world.

The first such match in “Luzhniki”, when, after a friendly meeting of Russia and Argentina almost 80 thousand spectators for a long time could not get out from the stands, turned out lumpy, to say the least. Soon we’ll have another: Russia – Brazil. We will watch with interest, what are the lessons learned from past experience the organisers.

In the arena “Saint Petersburg”, “Spartak” and Kazan matches are held regularly, and testing is necessary unless for show, moreover, that some of them have already passed it. And not open stadiums require a real test of battle. If we talk about the Premier League teams, they will play in Rostov-on-don and Yekaterinburg. Test for “Rostov-Arena” will be meeting “Rostov” SKA – Khabarovsk (April 15), with “Tosno” (April 29) and “Ural” (may 13). “Ural” at the new stadium will take 1 APR Rubin, April 15 – “Spartak”, may 6 – “Amkar”.

Arenas in Kaliningrad, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara and Volgograd test will be the championship match of the FNL, in Saransk – the PFL.

Calendar of games at the stadium “Fisht” in Sochi is not yet defined.

Now about the main challenge facing the organizers of each test match. Before to check the readiness of the stadiums themselves, all it systems and services necessary to ensure a large attendance to these matches. And it is also a requirement of FIFA. If the “Luzhniki”, “Spartacus” and “St.-Petersburg” there is no such problem and will not be, “Kazan-Arena” is already in trouble given the small attendance, “Rubin”, especially in this season. Or how to gather 20 thousand people in the match “Ural” – “Amkar” if in the last round on a potential champion – “the locomotive” – in Yekaterinburg came only 5.5 thousand? Of course, the residents may work a desire to see the new stadium, but the most needy, for example, quench it April 1 on the game with “ruby” and eventually met on 15 April – with “Spartak”.

However, the question “MK”, what means will be to fill stadiums for test matches, security Director of RFPL Alexander meytin said that the Premier League will be able to provide the “appearance” and will fill the arena at 70% exactly. “If we feel that a possible shortage of audience, invite people for free. This tightly engaged already organizers in the cities, in the administration, – said Alexander Abramovich. – The Premier League is still not such a daunting task. But how to be in the FNL and PFL? Perhaps these cities will have to think of something and hold a variety of events”.

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