The results and the symbolic team of the Matchday 22 of the Premier League

The next round of the championship of Russia on football came out not the most rich in goals — just nine teams and failed to print the gate rivals. Some tend to see the reasons for the modest performance as lawns, others in the recent restart of the championship, to get involved in which after a long winter break in stride is not easy. But time to lose the teams there — finish the spring section of the nine tours is steadily declining, and every weekend the opportunity to improve their standings melt away. A fight to the finish due to the nice density in the standings to be serious. And only “Loko” to break away in the title race from the closest pursuer is already on 8 points, and SKA, lagging by the same amount from the penultimate 15th place, out of the total number.


The duel of the tour: Karpin beat Mancini

“Zenith” did not score again. At this time, “Rostov” in the game which gradually begins to show hand Valery Karpin. Yes, we have to admit that in this match the blue-white-blue had too many personnel problems, may have many fans, these words can cause except that smile. Due to suspension, a meeting with “Rostov” passed the leaders of the team, Domenico criscito, Leandro Paredes and Alexander Erokhin, grabbed cards of different denominations in the previous match with “amkarom”. Alexander Kokorin, whose physical tests revealed the fatigue of the body, left on the bench. At the pre-match warm-up suffered an injury prepared to take place in goal, Andrey Lunev, but the main human impact happened in the 11th minute when the field was forced to leave and broke the cruciate ligament of the knee Mammana. The recovery time of the Argentine will be from 6 to 9 months, so the defender is definitely not going to help Zenit in the title race, no Argentine national team at the upcoming FIFA world Cup.

What Roberto Mancini had a plan for this game, we are already certain will never know, but after the injury, Mammary the Italian coach was forced to abandon the idea to play with three Central defenders, bringing on a replacement oboronno Argentine striker Anton Zabolotny. “Zenit” under the guidance of Mancini traditionally dependent on the overall team mood. On courage Zenit is able to break almost any opponent. But where to get this courage when all the above input? The visitors tried, but no more — acute at the gate of Sergei Pesyakov hardly arose and shots on target from the blue-white-blue in this meeting fans have not waited. But “Rostov”, albeit forced to simplify their game in the process of adaptation with the new coach, a few of their attacks to the opponent’s goal just had to turn that into goals. Only one of the ions have been at least two excellent chances to score. In this situation, Karpin beat Mancini, confirming the old truism that the order has class. And the coach should be satisfied that from Rostov-on-don was able to walk away with at least one point. It was still unassigned penalty…

Whistle tour: Kalachev not a fake

In this football weekend, several clubs expressed dissatisfaction with the actions of the arbitrators. “Amkar” will attempt to overturn the red card of Peor Ogude in the game against Arsenal where the referee Mikhail Vilkov has appointed two penalties in gate Permjakov and removed two players. By the way, the referee admitted after the match that was unjustly removed Ogude. SKA coach Rinat Bilyaletdinov after the final whistle in the match against “Spartak” questioned the legality of appointment of a penalty which Fernando scored the winning goal in the very end of the meeting. But the loudest whistle in this round, silent in Rostov-on-don, where the judge Alexey Eskov did not see the foul Micah Mauli in his own penalty area against his recent teammate Timofey Kalachev. Rostov veteran after contact with the opponent down so beautifully and gracefully that took the wrong position of arbiter suspect in the excessive artistry of the leader “Rostov”. The replay took all the questions: Mevla spikes stepped on the foot Kalachevo. The hosts on the game was much closer to victory, and appoint the referee from the penalty spot — with the big share of probability it would have achieved.


The match of the round: Lokomotiv showed in Ekaterinburg the championship game

Before the match in Yekaterinburg, which, incidentally, was for the owners of the last on the cosy stadium “Uralmash” (next home game Urals spend on a new arena built for the world Cup), the head coach of Muscovites Yury Semin was a little pessimistic scolded weather conditions and insufficient green lawn, and the game was referred to as “the lottery”, implying that in such circumstances his team can both win and lose. But Lokomotiv finally defeated with such apparent ease that Yury Pavlovich was difficult to discuss the game after the final whistle without a smile on her face. The railwaymen match in Yekaterinburg was closed the program of the 22nd round and you already know that “Spartacus” and CSKA won their matches. And “the locomotive” confidently took the 3 points, clearing all doubts at the very beginning of the game when 4 minutes twice managed to break the defense of the Urals.

Someone will say that Muscovites are so lucky. First time with the first goal, when Yaroslav Hodzyur parried the blow Aleksey Miranchuk exactly in the center and not saved his team after finishing off already Anton Miranchuk. And then, in the moment with a penalty when Gregor balazic, as if under hypnosis, have flunked in the box by Eder in a situation that could be called a threat to “Ural” only with a great desire. But the point is not how wrong the “bumblebees”, but the fact that the team, Semin has forced them to make mistakes. And in the future, rather guests were ready to bring the matter to the defeat than the home to reduce the backlog. Muscovites, which after a long break appeared Vedran Corluka, played so as to act as the leader of the championship. Usually the winner is not the one who plays imaginatively and beautifully, and the one who loses less points. “Locomotive” in Yekaterinburg confirmed the regularity of their championship ambitions not only because it has preserved vosmikova a handicap, but the quality of the game.

Hero tour: Fernando brings “Spartaku” the victory in the last minute

It’s funny, but the title of the hero of the tour almost equally claimed two players: the author victorious for “Spartaka” a goal for Fernando, and goalkeeper SKA Alexander Dovbnya, this goal has been missed. But we opted for the player who brought victory to his team.

After the match, both the players and the audience unanimously agreed that this meeting was very reminiscent of one that played opponents in the first round in Khabarovsk. Then Spartak had the ball nearly 70 percent of game time, struck on goal 32 hit, 13 of which were on target, but was forced to return to Moscow with a point for a goalless draw with the outsider. This time the match went in a similar scenario. Red-white owned overwhelming advantage, causing the gate Dovbni under 40 strokes. There have been unsuccessful penalty kick performed by Quincy of Promesa, managed to outwit the goalkeeper and a funny penalty goalkeeper punched the reason from a good position is not the empty goal, but along them. And decided goal Fernando after a magnificent performance by the Brazilian kick.

Sorry a bit of SKA and its coach, who may have rights in the assessment of assignments the decisive penalty kick. Was there a push in the back Maksimovic actually, or Serb fell at the right time on its own initiative, does not help to reliably establish no video replay. But even more, it would be unfortunate Muscovites, they are not bringing this match to a well-deserved victory, which is exactly enough this evening. The champion and the intrigue continues to warm. And lose Spartak glasses and red-and-white from the list of candidates of the title could be expunged.

The symbolic team of the Matchday 22. The version of “MK”

Goalkeeper: Alexander Dovbnya (“SKA-Khabarovsk”)

Defense: Dmitry zhivoglajdov (“Ufa”), Nikola Maksimovic (“Spartak”), Sergey Ignashevich (CSKA Moscow), Fedor Kudryashov (“ruby”)

Midfield: Fernando (“Spartak”), Alexander Gatskan (Rostov), Alexander Golovin (CSKA), Anton Miranchuk (Lokomotiv Moscow), Vyacheslav Podberezkin (“ruby”)

Attack: Artem Dzyuba (“Arsenal”)

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