Vladimir Ponomarev: “Call Semin, congratulations: well done, does not “Loco” relax”

Semifinalist of the world championship-1966 Vladimir Ponomarev has summed up the results of the 22nd round of the Premier League.

photo: Alexey Lebedev

When the system “autumn-spring” field is not green everywhere…

In most regions of Russia is hosting the winter, but football is rapidly returns to the big and small stadiums in spite of the weather forecasts and protests from some coaches saying, play it cool. In spite of what the Premier League clubs have already played two full round after the winter break, and some even continue to participate in the competition. Moreover, the fight is gaining momentum, and the opposing teams gets really hot.

Impressions from the next round of the Premier League we asked the semifinalist of the world Cup in 1966, the defender of CSKA and the USSR national team, permanent expert “MK” Vladimir Ponomarev.

— Vladimir Alekseevich, the team woke up after the break?

— Good question! Yes, everything is brightened and show good football that is fun to watch, to observe the UPS and downs on the field. Pleased with the technical equipment, our players in this markedly increased.

Most of all I remember the match “Spartak” with the Khabarovsk SKA. It would seem that Khabarovsk in last place. So feel so free on the football field. Spartak had nothing to do with them, although we looked much stronger and more interesting. Anyway, I’m glad that Muscovites have won, because to have so many chances to play at least a draw would be wrong. At the same time, of course, I was rooting for the army: if “Spartak” the result was a draw, CSKA would have came in second place. But it’s not far off. Now go a good, interesting game. Match with “Ahmad” showed that the army at full speed. They have passed the stage of infancy, has become like the other defense, in the midfield everything is fine, the front has already more or less moved to the ICC.

I think here problems does not arise, and the players of CSKA firmly hooked for the second place and it would be seen. Maybe Lokomotiv will be lowered and vapor. Too frisky start he took the lead, they have a very solid. Honestly, I thought they’d slip. Call today Semin, congratulations. He’s a good friend. They seemed to lose it, but it is well done, does not allow them to relax.

— Speaking of Ahmed Musa. He returned from Leicester’s completely different from what left. The credit credibility of Viktor Gancharenko has not been exhausted?

— All natural: in England, Ahmed was sitting on the bench, but he will show his skills and will be fixed in the first team. It’s not even changing. He plays all 90 minutes. Now he was reunited with his partners and returns to its original shape and restores the speed performance, works actively with the ball and without the ball. He believes in himself again and will sparkle as before. The decline is even the strongest players. It is not a machine on batteries and man: he has his various periods. The main thing for Musa to enter into a rut. I think we will see him in good shape. Maybe, and bring him back to CSKA will manage on an ongoing basis. In “the Leicester” it is not particularly necessary. But if you play well, the lease may not be extended, will be taken back. Hopefully will take root in CSKA, as the team has no striker who can run the ball and willing to play with partners. Musa offers itself runs forward. I hope it will continue.

— Lokomotiv will keep up the pace?

Usually in this situation, the team calms down a bit and slowing down. Another point, the players will begin the yips suddenly go down, right play. It happens when you want to become Champions. Very slippery position. Yuri Pavlovich yet with it. Another meeting was held at a good level and won. Now “the locomotive” hardly will break.

— Who can still compete for first place?

— The three leaders will intervene, “Krasnodar”, he is in good shape, plus catch up “Spartak”. The ending of the championship promises to be interesting. But the victory of “Locomotive” mystifying and even frustrating.

— Does not prevent internal competition, the participation of “Locomotive”, “Zenith” and CSKA in Euro cups?

— Of course, the load is large, but that is the job of the players. They give these meetings a lot of effort. On Europa League matches can I make money, need to win all the time. But the body of the players are young enough to recover in two to three days. Most likely, the fight for second and third place will be very serious.

— What about “Zenith”?

And he’ll definitely compete. In the last two rounds, it is not very convincing, but it’s not necessary. Sometimes a bad game the team wins and sometimes the good can lose. Football is an interesting thing. Will not anticipate him in any way.

— If appropriate, criticism of judging from Roberto Mancini?

— I myself would have condemned such a judgement. It’s disgusting to watch! Like you don’t know or from someone independent. Don’t know what it is. Abroad, the referees judged perfectly, and we’s a lot going on. Probably, unqualified judges. The judge and player, it’s a calling. It is necessary to choose the referees of the football environment and not the yard, not the street — this is important. In the last round Sandakov wrong: showed a second yellow card and showed red. And players blossomed too. Foreigners make a mess in our football, grabbing opponents by the neck, shoulder, shirt. We did not have this. It’s all brought to the Legionnaires, that stuff. The judges for this I must give a yellow card, do not leave it unattended. Actually, I’m for deletion in such cases. Imagine a football player running with the ball on the move. It was a bit touching, he loses balance and falls — lost time. We even have the commentators shout: “Foley”. How could you?! It’s not Rugby. Then go and do other kind of sports, there were plenty for the head and anything. In football needs to be a clean professional game. It is necessary to act wisely, head. Must be dedication. What’s the fair-play? It and close! And so play CSKA Wernbloom and Schennikov. But arbitrators very big claim and a big negative.

And still did the right head coach “Zenith” to criticize the referees?

— It’s nothing special. Who’s jurisdiction? He didn’t beat the judge. Coaches every time you criticize them when they lose the team. Nothing to worry about. There is for dissatisfaction and objective reasons. Did the coach not see that the judge smacks? Of course, he does. Judges interfere with play, create on the field.

Controversial episodes were in the match “Amkar” — “the Arsenal”…

— I this meeting had not seen, so I can not comment.

— Do you think a draw in the meeting of “Dynamo” and “Krasnodar” logical?

— Yes, “Krasnodar” played on a foreign field, and was a bit hard. Frost, after all. The rest of the technical team have Shalimov. I think the result is satisfied. “Dynamo” also it is not an easy team.

— After the winter break, especially sharply delineated the issue of readiness of the fields. How do you feel about this?

— No one plays in such conditions. Winter! Horrible calendar, made it Fursenko. Great, just great: so disfigure football! This is not the time, and managers…

— And finally… Who will win the title?

— I think that Lokomotiv will not miss the lead, and in the second place, I hope, will be CSKA.

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