“Zenith” “the locomotive” does not hurt, but “Spartak” looks fresher”

To the delight of fans of the football season already a month has returned to us — first as the European Cup, and then in the quality of our League. What appeared after the off-season teams of the Russian football Premier League (RFPL), what to expect from the European competitions in spring and than heart will calm down before the home of the 2018 world Cup, we told the sports Manager, the representative of the interests of many famous players Alexander MANIACS.

About Vadim Evseev

— After the debut of my long time good friend Evseeva in the role of acting head coach of Amkar Perm, of course, we talked a few times already. He has no special emotion there. In General it is only on the field and on the bench for such a vigorous man, and in conversation quite discreet. Of course, internally I was happy after a draw in the match with Zenit: his team earned a point in opposition to a favorite for the foreign field. In that position, which now houses “Amkar”, even a draw now at a premium. Plus, the Perm team is injured leading players have problems with the squad. But Vadim chose the right tactics. As he told me what Zenit was expecting, and was ready for it.

The work in the “Amkar” — a good chance for Vadim. He is ready to show its capabilities. Yes, there is a big difference compared with Ivanovo “the Textile worker”, RFPL and PFL are not comparable, but even at that level, he showed himself as a specialist in the future…

About Oleg Shatov

— In the “Rostov” debuted well Dmitry Skopintsev. My mates was the first match in the Premier League, but he acted quite actively. Well, Oleg Shatov, who joined on loan to the bulls, we can say that the player with the spark of God. Now he’ll feel for the rhythm of the game in the “Krasnodar” and will look even more amazing. We sometimes meet with Oleg as good friends, we talk. He is a great player. “Krasnodar” surprise leases and purchases of players like Axel witsel, Andreas Granqvist… Oleg from the same story. It came from the leader of our football “Zenit”, the richest club, but for anybody not a secret that the goal of Oleh now game practice and contact with the home world championship. Here’s a whole combination of factors that makes this transition is noticeable in the Russian football.

I recently met with Stanislav Salamovich (Cherchesov. — “MK”), and most importantly, what the head coach of Russian national team talked about — it game practice. Oleg it is now. All will depend on him. All the prerequisites for playing for the national team he has.

About “Locomotive”

— The “Locomotive” is not what obstacles, but the tension is present. And yet, I think the players will cope with the task to remain the first. Recovered Ari and Corluka, there was a variability of composition. Plus, of course, in the spring the field will be better. Of course, we will have an interesting ending, but “the locomotive” will not miss the trophy.

Don’t see what can prevent “Zenit”. “Spartak” it looks fresher, but the “Locomotive” has accumulated quite a serious stock and a lot of experienced players in the squad: strong goalkeeper, the defensive line, where the good Solomon Kverkvelia… Yuri Pavlovich Semin has extensive experience of the struggle for the highest places. Coaching staff: Pashinin, Loskov, Oganesyan, Baturenko — also became Champions as players or members of the coaching staff and know how to behave at the finish line, what to tell the guys how to set them up because they are ready for it always.

About The Europa League

Now that phase where it is important and interesting to every confrontation. There is no walk-through teams or outright upstarts… there was only strong clubs with serious problems. Think spectacular will return matches “the Locomotive” with “Atletico” and “Zenith” with “Leipzig”. I’m going to go to the game with the “Leipzig” in Petersburg.

Fatigue? In many countries, the matches are held in three days on the fourth. Given that the clubs participating in the Europa League has some of the best players of Russia, the stock of physical strength they have. Everything should be fine. The players get good money and don’t complain. Nothing wrong with this chart, no, no need to be sorry.

Who has more support? I’m rather sick of the people with whom I have a friendship or professional relationship. Each club has a personal reference. In “Zenith” Igor Smolnikov. Personally, I will worry for him. God forbid that the citizens as far as possible passed. In the “Locomotive” personally rooting for Oleg pashinina, Dmitri Loskov, Yuri Pavlovich Semin. Want them, so to speak, rumbled. In CSKA, I really sympathize with Victor Gancharenko. I consider it one of the most strong Russian coaches. Thus he continually learns and develops. He plays Timur Zhamaletdinov. Wish he had the trophy, because in team sports, the top places are harder to conquer than individually.

Besides, we are all Russians. Can’t understand when fans “Spartaka” in Euro cups continue to be CSKA or Vice versa. It’s all clubs of our country. If they have more victories you get, the higher the rating of Russian football. Here’s what you need to survive.

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