A place in a kindergarten can move backwards but not forwards

In his last address to the Federal Assembly President Putin with visible satisfaction, said about the problem of queues in kindergartens as resolved and in this regard urged local authorities to continue to focus on the elimination of queues in the nursery. However, in practice, as is evident from letters received “MK” just a few days ago, the question for the child in the kindergarten often left open. But judge for yourself.

— It’s not even a letter, a cry from the heart, because the situation with the queue in kindergartens in Moscow’s southeastern administrative area just defies description — writes the desperate resident of the district of Nekrasovka Tatiana.

Your child, according to the woman, her husband “was put in place immediately after birth”. Although this suggests that this practice is contrary to the claims managers will not go away, the young family initially exulted, “We were in the 70s and was very glad of this fact, because around the house was built four brand-new, spick and span kindergarten and there was a strong belief that some of them my daughter will go without problems.”

However, the problem, as soon became clear, was Yes, what: all girl not only brought her to the door of kindergarten, but, on the contrary, moved away, increased for a short time several times!

— Time passed, and foremost, paradoxically, moving not forward but backwards. At first we was moved to the 115-th place, then 170-e, and now, when we fell back generally in the end of the fourth hundred, we are in complete bewilderment, — says Tatiana. — And despite the fact that the County during this time were built two preschools! But the things are there.

Faced with the inexplicable phenomenon of progress turns back, the parents began to complain to various authorities, but to no avail. The only thing they, according to them, had made, was “the formal reply” that the “first come waiting list, and then everyone else.”

However, the place then was, recognized them. But what!

— In late fall 2017 we deign to offer an alternative, but at such a distance from home, that it is possible for the head to grab, complains retracted in the tail of the queue family. — Six gardens around the house. But we were offered to carry the child to kindergarten, the road takes an hour and a half on a crowded bus and then by metro. And that’s with a three year old baby! And families like ours, hundreds of them!

Redirecting her words to the Moscow Department of education, we received this response: “In the 2017/18 school year, 100% of children aged 2 years 8 months. up to 7 years residents of the city of Moscow are provided with places in preschool educational institutions. Mechanism to provide preschool children in educational institutions is an Integrated information system “State services in the field of education in electronic form”. The system automatically builds a queue of children in electronic form, taking into account their age, priorities and available benefits.”

On the case of Tatiana — what are we, in fact, asked. It turns out that the movement of the queue to kindergarten not forward, but backward if a lot of competitors of beneficiaries, is this normal? Equally as the selection places the child in a garden far away?

However, there is for Tatiana and the good news: “According to the Department of construction of Moscow, in 2018 in the Nekrasovka district, it is planned to Commission 4 buildings and pre-school groups at 1275 places”, — reported in the Department of education.

We can only hope that all the seats will roll from of Tatyana’s daughter and there, as it already happened to mentioned her gardens near the house.

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