About the history of poisoning “predecessor” Skripal, Kivelidi said the lawyer

Lawyer Boris Kuznetsov, who received political asylum in the United States, participated in the case of the poisoning of Ivan, Kivelidi. In connection with the murder of Sergei Skripal now this case is of particular interest because of the elimination of Kivelidi was used toxic substance of a new type, produced in a secret laboratory. Kuznetsov told us about some details of the investigation, Kivelidi.

Ivan Kivelidi. A frame from the video.

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Ivan Kivelidi – Russian businessman, banker and Chairman of the Presidium of the Association “Round table of business of Russia”. Was poisoned by a potent nerve poison gas on 1 August 1995 in his office at the office “Rosbiznesbank”. Kivelidi, fell into a coma and died three days later. The same substance is deadly poisoned his Secretary Zara Ismailov.

Lawyer Boris Kuznetsov was a defender sentenced to 9 years of Kutsishvili, who was convicted in the murder of Ivan, Kivelidi.

– Boris Abramovich, to pop up the “new” process in the case Kivelidi?

Whether it was a “Beginner”, I can not answer. I’m not a chemist. The composition of this “Newbie” is not known to me. It is possible that there is a different formula and part of another. But I am absolutely convinced that Kivelidi killed chemical warfare agents. Khutsishvili was convicted illegally. By the way, he served his time and has released.

– How, according to the investigation, Khutsishvili could poison your partner? According to experts, to inflict poison on the tube, need extreme protection – triple-gloves, respiratory protection…

– Of course. The poison that sent Kivelidi could get and start to act through the respiratory tract, through the skin and with food… the Only thing I still do not understand is where do put the poison. The fact that the poison was discovered on 10 August 1995, Kivelidi was poisoned on 1 August. All these 9 days, the investigators found out the cause of death, but found nothing….

Moreover, I was very curious data is that because of my pursuit (Kuznetsov was accused of divulging state secrets, and then received political asylum in USA – “MK”), I unfortunately did not have time to publish and actually prove it. The fact that on the day of the death of Kivelidi in his office there were two brigades of “first”. One of the doctors of the ambulance received a telephone call from the office of Kivelidi and figured out where to go, where to take the patient, as is usually the case. So this employee of “first” thank God, health is not complaining…

In the case of the murder of Kivelidi there is another interesting figure is the security guard of the businessman. On 1 August, when an incident happens, first went to work. The next day he quit. At the trial it became clear that this guard was a colleague of the notorious Alexander Lugovoi. Whether they were familiar with, I don’t know. But I can say that both of 9 Department of the KGB of the USSR.

A security guard testified?

– Yes, he was interviewed and he testified that he came in the morning to civility, brought to the Bank and was there all the time…Comparing this and many other facts, I am inclined to think that Kivelidi likely poisoned elsewhere and then inflicted the poison to the phone.

-Your client with Kivelidi it was a scheduled meeting?

That day Khutsishvili was never supposed to meet, Kivelidi. About my client asked the famous playwright Mikhail Shatrov (was married to the future wife of Boris Berezovsky, which he later called “the charge of a KGB agent” – “MK”). In the Tents that day happened some urgent business, and he could not come to a meeting.

– Where did this poison?

– The poison was invented by the chemist, PhD rink – Estonian by nationality. He was head of the laboratory at the Centre, who was involved in the development of ammunition in the Saratov region. The rink was selling chemical warfare agents and Chechens were allegedly condemned for this – as he writes in one of the protocols of the interrogation, one year of probation.

– As a substance, according to investigators, fall into the wrong hands?

– Supposedly to Rinku asked some Talanov – the former Riga OMON officer, who was on the run. Latvia was wanted for committing a series of crimes, including murder. This Talanov allegedly found a Market and bought him for 5 thousand dollars for two vials of poison. Talanov then allegedly asked Yuri Eremenko to transfer ampoules Khutsishvili.

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