After poisoning Skripal’s lawyer announced the examination of the case, Kivelidi

In connection with the poisoning in the UK ex-GRU officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter still remember the case of banker Ivan, Kivelidi, who in 1995 died from a similar substance deposited on the tube. A lawyer involved in the case, Kivelidi, March 14 in the social network has published the results of the examination about the poisoning of businessman.


Author: Vladimir Dodonov.

Lawyer is trying convicted for the murder of businessman Ivan, Kivelidi Boris Kuznetsov reported on the documents from the criminal case (remember, his client Vladimir Khutsishvili given age 9) – in particular, on the conclusion of expert forensic center of the interior Ministry. The examination was held on 16 August 1995 the expert-chemist A. Belyaev.

The expert raised a number of issues, namely: “whether identified on the handset, and the unit of chemical substances to cause death of a person?” “If Yes, then what should be the amount of substance to death?”

“Is it enough for the above identified objects, the amounts for death?” “Whether the identified substance among the poisons?”

“How to poison the identified substance, including deadly?”

According to the expert, on the handset, was discovered traces of the “nitrogen-containing organophosphorus substances”.

But he also wrote in his conclusion Belyaev, “any data on the substance (physical and chemical properties, toxic properties) in the scientific literature could not be found”, which perhaps suggests that the venom that poisoned Kivelidi was developed recently and in secrecy.

However, the expert continues, “based on the fact that foramerica esters of phosphonic acid and other compounds having a similar structure are widely used as chemical warfare substances nervously-paralytic action, we can assume that the compound will have a deadly effect on the human body by blocking cholinesterase as via absorption through the skin and by inhalation and oral ingestion”.

Thus, it is possible to conclude that the substance of this type of person can poison and inflicting poison on any object with which it is in contact, and spraying it and adding to food.

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To questions expert Belyaev due to the fact that they studied the poison was new, was able to answer only partially. He suggested that the poison really has a deadly effect, but how many can lead to death difficult to say. In addition, according to him, the handset was revealed a “small amount” of poison that can also testify to the high toxicity of the substance, which resulted in the death of two people (behind Kivilidi died his Secretary).

The process in the case Kivelidi were classified. However, the press it became known that a vial of the substance sold to the intermediary scientist who has worked in a closed chemical laboratory. This substance, according to the chemist, it was a new development, which he had not even the official register. He was sentenced conditionally.

Lawyer Boris Kuznetsov, now living abroad, continues to say that Kivelidi was not killed by his client: “I Have suggested, there is even a specific individual, but to blame anyone I can’t.”

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