Alexander Village, “Peter against “Spartak” – it is always cool”

Very soon, on Saturday, March 17, at 17.00 we are waiting for one of the Central matches of all Russian handball season. Spartak Moscow, who coached Vasily Filippov, on the “Arena of legends” takes the St. Petersburg club “University-Neva”, headed by Dmitry Torgovanov.

Alexander Of Villages. Photo: handball Federation of Russia.

Of course, the game is intriguing and from the tournament point of view: red-white are now on 2nd place, behind the “Chekhov bears” on 3 points but has two games in reserve, and the lions from St. Petersburg on the lost points are on the 3rd line…

– But not only with the tournament, – says rides again Muscovites and Russian national team 25-year-old Alexander Village. Know that many of our fans looking forward to this match as a confrontation between the two capitals – Moscow and St. Petersburg. Spartak vs Peter – this is always, in any sport cool, right?

– Of course! And in football – especially…

– By the way, I love football, I go occasionally to the games. Here in this season attended home game of Spartacus with the “Krasnodar”. No, we’re not the whole team went as for hockey, just the ticket went, as a simple fan.

– Thursday game of football League of Europe with participation of three Russian clubs…

– Sorry, “Spartacus” is not among them. What a shame well in the two-legged tie against athletic Bilbao failed only one time out of four, first in Moscow, but it was enough to give the sum of the two games. It remains to wish good luck March 15, “the locomotive” and “Zenith” at home and CSKA away. I think in Petrograd very good chances to go further: after 1:2 away enough for 1:0 at home. For example, Italian Roma in the Champions League with the same challenge, beating the Ukrainian Shakhtar. In General, I’m in Europe, rooting for Barcelona.

– Your teammate Konstantin Igropoulou for handball, Barça played, talked, even Gerard Pique and Carles Pujolar.

And when I was in the Macedonian “Verdure”, also in the club premises intersect with the players, who played this season in the Europa League group stage.

…True, “Vardar” handball football colleagues surpassed: not just reached the “Final four” of the Champions League, but won it in the season 2016/17. It remains to wish the handball players of “Spartak” to take the top trophy in Europe before the players!

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