“Appointed referees for the second leg LE with the participation of Russian clubs

– The names of the arbitrators return matches 1/8 finals of the UEFA Europa League with the participation of the St. Petersburg “Zenith” Moscow “the Locomotive” and CSKA.

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The main arbitrator of a match “Zenith” – “Leipzig” appointed Italian Daniele Orsato, soobshaet the press service of the Union of European football associations (UEFA). help him to be compatriots Riccardo Di Fiore and Lorenzo Manganelli. Additional assistant referees: Luca Bunty and Antonio damato, the fourth referee – Alessandro Gallatin.

The first match, which took place in Germany on March 8, ended in victory for the local club with the score 2:1. The game in St. Petersburg will be held March 15.

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Portuguese referee Artur Dias appointed for the return match 1/8 finals of League of Europe “the locomotive” – “Atletico” (Madrid).

Help him to be a fellow Rui Tavares and Paulo Soares, additional assistant referee Hugo Miguel and Joao Pinheiro, and the fourth referee – Bruno Rodrigues.

The first match was held on 8 March in Madrid, then the victory was celebrated by the Spaniards – 3:0. The return match will take place on March 15 in Moscow.

Match “Lyon” – CSKA will be served by the Scottish referee team headed by Scotsman Bobby Madden. Help him to be David Machichi and Alastair Mather, additional assistant referees Andrew Dallas and Donald Robertson, and the fourth referee – Alan Mulvanny.

The first match between the teams will take place in Moscow on March 8, then with the score 1:0 defeated the French. The return game will take place in Lyon on March 15.

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