Ballerina Ugrozava was in the hospital after the fall of the icicles

A victim of melting ice on the capital’s roofs became a ballet dancer Igor Moiseyev 34-year-old Natalia Ugrozava — avalanche struck the head of the woman in Malaya Bronnaya street. The victim plans to file a lawsuit against the public utilities.


As it became known “MK”, March 13, Natalia walked past a cafe that the house No. 28. The employees of the institution have repeatedly complained about the massive icicles hanging from the roof of the building, and worried that sooner or later the ice will collapse on the head of some passerby. It happened at about 13.00, when Natalia went from rehearsal to visit my sister, who lives nearby. First aid to the injured was provided by the staff of the cafe — they brought her inside, called the doctors “03” and reported the trouble to the families.

Natalia was in shock after a blow to the head, constantly crying. Physicians sent the patient to the Sklifosovsky research Institute. Later in the same medical institution and brought the representatives of the Academy of the Prosecutor General’s office 27-year-old Anna Zhuravlev, which is also about 13.00, but only on a Small Basmannaya street fell block of ice. The ladies examined in turn. The artist was diagnosed with a slight concussion, a hematoma on the neck and a bump on the head, but the state employee law enforcement agencies where heavier — closed cherepno-a brain trauma, a wound of the parietal region.

After helping Natalia decided to go to the aftercare home — doctors recommend applying ice to the head. No rehearsals, speech does not go yet. After recovery, she plans to prosecute the GBU “zhilischnik” Presnensky district for improper cleaning of the roof. By the way, after the incident, the utility appeared on the roof just half an hour and promptly took off all the icicles.


Natalia Ugrozava from 1998 to 2002 she studied at the school-Studio of the State academic ensemble of folk dance named after Igor Moiseev.

Awarded by gratitude of the Minister of culture of the Russian Federation, honorary diploma of the Ministry of culture of the Chechen Republic. In 2017, received the medal “For merits before Fatherland” II degree.

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