“Buffett has promised $1 million a year for life best forecaster of basketball tournament

American billionaire Warren Buffett has announced the annual contest to guess the finalists of the basketball tournament among the University teams, the winner of which will receive $1 million a year throughout his life.

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The competition is held only among employees of the investment company Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. To win you must correctly name all 16 teams that will move on to the final part of the tournament, nicknamed March madness (March Madness). On reaching the final claim 68 teams.

This year the billionaire doubled the bet – if you win the tournament team from Creighton University located in Omaha, hometown Buffett, the winner of the drawing will receive $2 million in a lifetime. Experts note that such an outcome is extremely unlikely, as it is much inferior in strength to the opponents and on the road in the top 16 can meet the team of the University of Virginia, the most strong student basketball team of the United States.

If none of the more than 370 thousand employees of Berkshire Hathaway will not be able to guess all 16 teams, the consolation prize in the amount of $100 thousand will receive one whose prediction will be more accurate the other.

March Madness, so named because of the intensity of the struggle, the frequency of matches and the unpredictability of outcomes, kicks off March 14 and will end on 2 April.

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