“Diagnosis – are you ready to kill”: the experts took apart the terrible symptoms of teenage depression

Massacre in schools, the brutal murder of his beloved student of Bauman, regular reports of suicides of school students… the Bloody incident with teenagers in recent years has literally swept our country. Officials and law enforcement officers believe that the cause of most tragedies lies in the virtual network group, the organizers of which incline our children to crime and suicide.

However, according to doctors, the main problem in the mental state of the adolescents themselves. Every year a growing number of children diagnosed with “depression”. Studies show that this disease without proper treatment may push young people to terrible crimes.

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Depression is considered one of the most prevalent diseases of our time. According to forecasts, in the nearest future mortality from the effects of depression can take the second place after the death from cardiovascular disease. Recent studies have shown that clinical depression is diagnosed on average 10% of children 10 to 14 years, with half of the guys have a tendency to manifestation of the disease in the future. And if earlier depression was to blame only in the sharp increase in recent years, the number of suicides, it’s now clear that mental illness gives rise to aggressive behavior of adolescents in relation to others. So, scientists from Oxford University have found that teenagers suffering from depression, commit crimes (from assault to murder) twice as likely than their healthy peers.

Most Teens who commit mass attacks on educational institutions abroad, suffered from mental illness, and most often, they have found that is clinical depression. It is possible that the guys who staged the carnage in Russian schools also have this diagnosis. According to experts, there are clear signs of severe depression and participants in the bloody drama, when a student at the Bauman Institute brutally murdered his beloved and lost his life.

“Life seems unbearable”

Psychotherapist Anna Vostrikova believes that the story of Tatiana and Artem Iskhakov Insurance is a good example of what the result of running a form of depression. Unfortunately, even such bright manifestations of the disease went unnoticed for parents of children who are unable to see what happens to the soul in their children. In the records left in the social networks the participants of the drama are clearly seen the key signs of depression.

Here are the quotes from the page of Tatiana: “it is hard for Me. To be honest, I forgot all the other possible States, in addition to “hard”… have several years of life seems unbearable. I remember that I love ice cream, so smile when you eat it. So you’re in the habit of pretending to enjoy something, but don’t feel anything. By the way, about guilt. This is one of the very few feelings I can experience. It with me all the time… I Drink every day. I have a feeling that I am carrying every day, a piece of stone, and even when I lie down, put her on top of himself… I’ll never be happy with someone I love, you don’t even have to rock the boat, well… I often hear “what are you whining”, and I’m hurt, the more you want to die…”

Everything a girl says that depression she suffered for a long time and the disease has progressed to severe, says Anna Vostrikova. Here we see the classic signs of the disease — the loss of meaning of life, a great sense of loneliness and guilt, indifference to others, favorite activities, and even treats. Against the background of a depressed girl abused alcohol, which further aggravated her condition. Also in his memoirs Tatyana direct text says that her life is not desirable. In my opinion, if it befell a terrible fate to die from the hands of a former lover, maybe she would have tried to go on their own.

And here are excerpts from the records of Artyom: “the next day I was lying in bed and was stuck in the laptop. About a week hardly ate anything and was very sad… I got drunk, sat crying in the kitchen. It was so bad. And in my company I have, in fact, all sent, and she stayed with them. It’s hard to live with the realization that all these moments of happiness will not be able to recoup the pain and longing of loneliness In me… fear had settled that I had something like that for anyone else will not experience. I’m tired…”

— In the case of the mental state of Artem, the situation is even more severe, explains the psychotherapist. — It is highly likely that in addition to depression, the young man suffered from some disease. In addition, this condition was compounded by unrequited love. In the records of Artem we see the same sense of loneliness and despair, fatigue, hopelessness, unwillingness to eat. I can assume that the young man decided to kill the girlfriend and subsequent suicide, as read the messages of Tatiana’s unwillingness to live and believed they were with her are experiencing the same feelings. Under the influence of the disease Artyom could such a brutal way to decide to release both of them from hated life.

Ordered to destroy

According to experts, the situation with teenage depression in the country is more than serious in recent years, the number of cases is growing steadily. But, despite the fact that this illness has already acquired a mass character, the real cure we have is only at every fifth teenager. In Russia still considered to be depression something serious like depression or a bad mood. Although in recent years doctors diagnose “depression” a growing number of children, and not only adolescents but also children of primary school age and preschoolers.

In adolescence the body is undergoing significant hormonal changes, says Anna Vostrikova. They cause mood swings and appetite most of the guys. However, the intensity of the flow of adolescence, all very different: someone who’ll go to, will be writing sad poems or wear dark clothing, and someone runs the risk of falling into a serious depression. Depression in adolescence is closely associated with low self-esteem and a sense of uselessness. If the parents pay little attention or, on the contrary, will show hyperopic, the likelihood of developing disease is very high. From proper education and lifestyle of the family in General depends largely on the mental state of the child. If pre-school age the child has not developed the right motivation and common self-esteem, he begins to lose life in the future. Usually, depression in adolescence begins with a psychological problem and only then can progress to severe disease that should be treated.

From the practice of psychotherapy: “18-year-old Alena since childhood suffered from a lack of parental attention. When the girl was 6 years old, dad left the family and met the child on holidays. Money in the family is enough, but mom was eager to build a good career, so the child was sent to study in boarding school and took them home only on weekends. According to Alena, all her life she tried to be best in class, to study well so as to earn parental attention. After entering the University she suffered from loneliness, all weekend sat at home, not wanting anyone to communicate, in secret from his mother began to drink alcohol. One evening mother came home from work, caught daughter unconscious. The girl was poisoned. Fortunately, Allen managed to save, the doctors discovered the girl’s severe depression”.

Doctors believe that the most important thing for parents to notice the first signs of the disease in a child, until it turned into a heavy phase. The threat to kill herself should alert adults, because often this is not the way to attract attention, and dangerous syndrome. Teenagers feel everything is much sharper than the adults, especially the loneliness and uselessness of anyone around, a sense of complete confusion often in young people causes including inattention to them parents rude behavior of teachers and peers.

— Studies have shown that the majority of teenagers who committed mass attack, suffer from mental illness, says Anna Vostrikova. — The lion’s share diseases had clinical depression, which is to identify in advance is not so difficult. To do this fairly regularly in the schools survey, but we no-one wants to do. It is much easier to write off all the crimes and suicides in the result of interaction of children in dangerous groups in social networks. But in fact, the very getting of a teenager in these groups — not the cause of crime, but only one of the consequences of a long depression. It is very often outwardly successful children who set an example for other teenagers who can suddenly do something terrible. Often teenage psyche simply cannot cope with excessive loads in school and in extra classes. If time does not slow down the pace, all this can also be one of the reasons for the development of the disease.

From the practice of psychotherapy: “15-year-old Maxim from childhood was an example for the other guys: won mathematical Olympiads, studied three languages and took first place at competitions in martial arts. Imagine the surprise of others, when the teenager was detained by police for gang robbery of the store. According to the boys, for a crime he pushed the despair associated with a complete lack of understanding from loved ones, and inability to find real friends. Maxim said that for a long time thought my life was empty and meaningless, hated math, which he was forced to cram day and night, so that after a specialized school to do on a budget to a prestigious University. The guys in the class young man in his company was not accepted, considering a nerd and Mama’s boy. The result is at least some contact, the teenager managed to install only a few at-risk youth from a parallel class. To finally win the battle of new playmates, Maxim agreed to participate in the attack on the store. Appeal to the therapist revealed the young man’s depression, which he suffered at least a few years.”

Effects that can cause depression

— Difficulties with learning. Depression cause the reduction of concentration of attention, the teenager begins worse to learn or even to skip classes, as it does not see in them sense.

— Use of drugs and alcohol. Young people think that sadness and lack of meaning of life can be treated with herbs or bottles, however, it aggravates the disease.

— Escape from home. Many depressed Teens run away from home or talking about running. Such attempts are usually a cry for help.

— Dependence on the Internet. Teens may go online to escape their problems, but excessive computer use only increases isolation, which leads to more depression.

Risky and criminal behavior. Depressed Teens may engage in dangerous activities or activities with high risk to life, such as dangerous driving, uncontrolled alcohol consumption and unsafe sex, self-hatred and a wish to die can erupt into violence and murderous rage.

Also severe depression sometimes makes life of a teenager is so horrible that you can’t part with it it seems easier than to continue suffering.

How to save the teenager from depression

Doctors explain that usually distinguish depression from the normal condition of adolescents in the period of hormonal changes rather difficult. However, there are basic signs that parents should pay special attention.

Sound the alarm is worth it if your child regularly appears at least half of these symptoms:

— complete indifference to everything going on, the disappearance of interest even to favorite activities, unwillingness to communicate with friends and family;

— unexplained irritability, anxiety, inner sense of approaching disaster;

— the constant feeling of guilt, low self-esteem and confidence;

— reduction of interest in the surrounding world and the ability to enjoy previously favorite activities;

— the tendency to solitude, loss of ability to experience any feelings;

— lack of appetite, indifference to even the most favorite foods;

— sexual contacts;

— use of alcohol and drugs;

— regular pain neuralgic character, for the most part the head, heart and stomach;

— explicit or implicit expression of thoughts about death, including causing himself minor injuries, risky behavior, life-threatening.

Teenagers, on the verge of suicide, unable often to speak of his death, to let go of grim jokes on the subject, to use expressions from the series: “How I want to disappear forever!”, “There is nothing good!”, as well as to idealize death, throwing phrases like “When I’m gone, everyone will understand who have lost.”

Tips for parents on how to behave with a teenager in the depression. Scientists have found that depression is particularly severe in adolescents whose parents often make critical remarks in their address from the “what excuse have you to be depressed, you with fat rage”. Close, on the contrary, should show the child that this disease is not his fault, but his misfortune. Thus experts suggest not to focus on the disease, and try to distract the child with positive emotions. The teenager can be encouraged to provoke to action, such as for sports, try as little as possible to leave him alone with sad thoughts. A very important style of communication in the family, if for the teenager the house is a solid fortress, where he is loved and will be able to understand in any situation, it is more likely to cope with any feelings and not to fall into depression.

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