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In one room buzz, squeak, step, dancing and crawling about, playing football robots. The second you hear the sound of drills, the hiss of the landfast ice, hammering… In the 75th exhibition hall was held X all-Russian technological festival PROFEST.

To the competition 7,500 participants over three days looked at 25,000 people. Photo: Nikolay Stolyarov

More regions, more subjects, more opportunities. “Here, create the future” — the motto of the festival which we all knew until this year called “Robofest”. Before it attracts the most skilled young robot technicians from all over the country to compete and win.

This year the festival changed the format. Number ten in the official name of tradition. But the content has changed dramatically.

From startups to the stars

— This year we gathered under one roof, participants in the two programs of our Foundation — “Robotics” and JuniorSkills (“UnionPay”) — says the first Deputy Director General of Oleg Deripaska’s Fund “Volnoe Delo” program Manager “, UniChrome” Victor Pronkin. Now the annual festival will be held in the framework of a new comprehensive model of training of future engineers and technical personnel “Professionals of the future.” The main goal of programs on a single platform — more thorough and effective training of new engineers, starting in school.

According to Pronkina, 44 kinds of competitions and contests at the festival were built in logic that allows you to see the trajectory of their careers: from competitions involving children from 6 years to projects implemented by high school students and students for the jobs of real business, start-UPS and entrepreneurial projects.

And if the robotic platforms of the boys competed in the long-familiar disciplines, in a hall of competitions for professional skills was something that ENEA had never seen, perhaps never.

Here, in the championship of corporations guys are going to be the drone, able to assess coal reserves, and other brainy young engineers thought about how to create a mechanical sorter of agricultural products. And all this based on the real orders of enterprises.

Participants competence “Aerospace engineering” and is preparing his rocket for flight, which took place on the second day of competition. Not yet to the stars and not even to Mars, in Moscow and the blue spring sky. But Elon Musk is also something you started…

“GAZelle” as a gift

While the juniors competed in the ability to control the mechanisms and to thread, robotics also did not waste any time.

— Every year, we receive more and more talented people who are willing and able to achieve results, says the head of the program “Robotics” Maxim Petrov. — We see that their skills and abilities are continuously improved, honed, allowing them to occupy a higher place in the competition.

PROFEST organized by the Foundation “Volnoe Delo”, with the support of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation and Agency for strategic initiatives. Unchanged, the General partners of “GAZ Group” and En+ Group, are included in the industrial group “Basic Element”, each year not only to prepare the job for a number of disciplines such as “Engineering project”, but also valuable prizes.

The prize “GAZelle NEXT” will now take part in the competition of the machines-drones. Photo: Nikolay Stolyarov

For example, the winners in the direction of AutoNet 18+, students of Ulyanovsk state technical University, received this year at its disposal a brand new “GAZelle NEXT”. Now their task is to prepare the machine for performance during “Robocross”, which is held in Nizhny Novgorod in the summer.

This competition is only part of the program of “GAZ Group” for the development of unmanned vehicle, the implementation of which the company has been doing for several years.

PROFEST has become Europe’s largest event in the field of child and youth engineering art. It combines competitions in 25 disciplines of robotics, competitions in professional skills among students JuniorSkills (“UnionPay”) for 19 competencies, as well as competitions among Junior corporate polyprofessional teams.

7500 pupils and students gathered at ENEA from 74 regions of Russia and also from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Belarus. Representatives of the two countries and 60 Russian regions became winners of the festival, held in a new format. But most people knows that short-term fame is not important in these competitions.

— The need for engineers for the real industry is growing every year — says the famous Russian industrialist, the founder of the “Volnoe Delo” Oleg Deripaska. — We have been engaged in their preparation, starting from school. So you do not retrain. To shop our businesses qualified young professionals who can solve most important tasks that know the modern technology and is able to create something new.

More than 35,000 former members of the Robotics program are students of the largest technical universities in the country, 1000 of them working in the specialty in the largest companies of Russia.

The competition, which only at first glance seem childish, continue…

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