“Hated” the club from Leipzig: why the Germans will be rooting for “Zenith”

Today, March 15, football “Zenit” will take home the German “Leipzig”, which argues neither more nor less for the quarter-finals of the Europa League. And, oddly enough, the sympathy of many neutrals, the Germans in this match will not be on the side of the countrymen. But certainly not from a great love for Zenit. Sick, Germany will not “for” and “against” because of “RB” at birth, bears the hallmark of the most hated teams in the country.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The abbreviation “RB” is an abbreviation of the name “daddy” of the club. The fact that the Bundesliga title sponsorship is forbidden, the only exception is Bayer, established before the advent of this rule. “RB” is officially called “RasenBallsport Leipzig”, which literally translates as “Lawn-ball sport Leipzig” and laugh even of the Germans themselves. Just do not laugh is when fans of the Dresden “Dynamo” during a match with the “bulls” throw on the field mysteriously dragged to the stadium the severed head of a bull. Or when the ultras Borussia stoned visiting Dortmund fans of “RB”.

Mass hatred of the “Leipzig” often oversteps the bounds, but what causes it? Mainly, of course, that the Germans do not favor teams that are owned by the Corporation. Those in Germany believe unconventional — after a long time and still most of the German clubs exist in the format of. That is, any mere mortal can, paying a small fee to become a member of and, roughly speaking, the owners of their favorite club. The RB, by the way, de jure, too, is a public company, but only members he has hundreds of times less than the standard of the club — after all, to become one of them, still need to obtain an approving vote of the majority of available.

Therefore, the de facto “Leipzig” — the same company, as Leverkusen and Wolfsburg, who have long suffer from a lack of fans ‘ choice award and contemptuously called in Germany “plastic” clubs. However, the “Leipzig” annoying everyone even more. After all it stands for company, not just willing each year to give the club a fixed amount: the company plans for several years to make “Leipzig” champion. Such ambitions are angry with the entire German public, including even the other “plastic” clubs. For example, fans of Bayer Leverkusen during the face-to-face match have expressed their attitude to the project of the producer of energy drinks, though quietly, but eloquently — raised above the podium, thousands of leaflets with the inscription “better Aspirin taurine”.

It may seem that the reason for the General negative — a trivial jealousy to money and concomitant success “Leipzig”, but this view is superficial. After all, before the producer bought, renamed and raised in the tiny elite club “Markerset” fifth German League, he is eyeing teams from higher leagues. For example, came to Dusseldorf “Fortuna”, who also wears red-and-whites would not have to change them. But the team’s management refused the offer, listening to your fans, which one thought about rebranding infuriated. Came owner Dietrich Mateschitz and “St. Pauli”, but from this reception it are probably laughing put themselves the bosses of the club. After all, “St. Pauli” — the most that neither is the club hippie, the most reckless in Germany whose fan section of the atmosphere — a true branch of the Hamburg Reeperbahn. To offer such a team to become a commercial project is to bring in Igor Akinfeev, a request for transfer to “Spartak”.

I would not agree to “sell” and fans of “Borussia” — on all poles in the vicinity of the “Signal Iduna Park” you can always find hundreds of stickers with the inscription “Westfalenstadion” in honor of the historic name of the stadium. Would not agree and the Berlin “Union”, whose stadium speaker Christian Arbeit, spending one day a tour of the arena club, said fans absolutely do not want to see “Union” in the European Cup — because then you have to rebuild the arena. The fact that the stadiums for tournaments under the auspices of UEFA should be exclusively equipped with seats and stadium “Union” in three-quarters of stagnant sectors. “The clubs of the first Bundesliga has long been equipped with its own arena bleachers transformers, which can be sessile, and erect, but we have neither the money nor the inclination — stagnant sector create an incredible atmosphere,” said Arbeit, and in his voice was poorly concealed pride.

Strange but true. For all the stereotypes about them being dry and pragmatic the Germans are actually very sentimental. So, what traditions they value much more success. So all the hatred of the “Leipzig” is simple — it is only a protest against another phenomenon destroying the traditional football. “RB” I hate nothing more than selling the names of stadiums or sponsors Bundesliga matches on Mondays, which began in Germany only with this season. Just in the faces of the players and fans of the club, finally, there were real people on which this hatred can be thrown out. Simply put, the goats — or rather, the “bulls” — the scapegoat.

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