In Israel, “Khimki” will test fans

There have been 25 meetings of the basketball Euroleague, but in the table they are separated by only one point. Such is the intrigue of the match, which will be held in tel Aviv on Thursday evening. “Khimki” make a very difficult drive to the local “Maccabi”, one of the most famous clubs in Europe. Now the yellow-blue is a 6-th position, and the Israelis — 8th. And those and others need to stay in the top eight to continue the competition in the playoffs. There is no doubt that “Khimki” have not forgotten the defeat on home ice in Mytishchi and try to take revenge.

Alexey Shved (right): a minimum of 16 points per game! Photo:

In the last round suffered a defeat from Milan, which can be attributed to an unfortunate accident. Head coach Georgios Bartzokas in advance said that Italians have a talented attacking team and you need to look back. Fortunately, this embarrassing moment did not affect the situation. Now we need to get ready for the remaining meetings.

Khimki is a specialist in “Maccabi” Malcolm Thomas, who played here 5 years ago. “I’m glad to be back here in the new team. I want to say that Maccabi have some of the most passionate fans in Europe, I often remember the atmosphere at home matches…”

According to the striker, to win in Israel. “We need to stay one and be a team. In each match, to fight, to play with energy, be focused and have a good start of the meeting. This is particularly important, because if we fail at the start, then spend a lot of effort to catch up with the opponent and find his game”.

Bartzokas rightly pointed out that Maccabi is among 16 participants of the Euroleague first place in the transit attack: “it is Clear that we must control the game through important things such as selection, proper decision making, performance discipline and minimization of losses. We need to adapt to the atmosphere in the arena “menorah Mivtachim”, known to their fans, and try to slow down the pace of the game, “Maccabi”…”

We will remind, the Russian team in the regular season of the Euroleague to spend in addition to the “Maccabi” meeting with “Efes” and “Barcelona” away, and with CSKA and Fenerbahce at home. Lose points, given the strength of these clubs, should not be. Recovering after the injury to Thomas Robinson, Tyler Honeycutt has long returned, and Alexey Shved did not seem to know fatigue. Even in the lost the meeting with “Milan” point guard of “Khimki” and Russian national team his twenty scored 24 points plus 6 assists. Before this meeting, Alex was declared the Euroleague MVP (most valuable player) for February. However, otherwise it could not be: in the past 24 meetings, the weakest level in his performance was 16 points. This means that the Swede broke the record American gigolo Ford, in whose honor the trophy is named the chief scorer of the tournament: he played “only” 23 such productive meetings.

I don’t want to predict who will be the best according to the results of the regular season. But I calculated so that it will reach his peak form before crucial meetings, said the best Russian basketball player. As they say, it could say so.

The game will start on 15 March at 22.05 Moscow time.


CSKA — 45 points (25 matches). 2. “Olympiakos” — 43 (25). 3. “Fenerbahce” — 43 (25). 4. “Real” — 42 (26). 5. “Zalgiris” — 40 (25). 6. “Khimki” — 39 (25). 7. “Panathinaikos” — 39 (25). 8. “Maccabi” — 38 (25). 9. “Basque country” — 37 (25). 10. “Unicaja” — 35 (25). 11. “Crvena Zvezda” — 35 (25). 12. “Milan” — 35 (25). 13. “Valencia” — 34 (25). 14. “Bamberg” — 34 (25). 15. “Barcelona” — 33 (25). 16. “Anadolu Efes” — 31 (25).

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