In Japan found the largest treasure in the history of the country

A treasure trove of hundreds of thousands of copper coins of half a Millennium ago, found the specialists in the Japanese city of Hasuda. As expected, wealth was hidden by locals in the turbulent period called “the era of warring provinces”

Photo: Saitama Cultural Deposits Research Corporation.

As reported by experts, they were found a jug with a height of 70 inches, inside of which was 260 thousand coins. Judging by the fact that in each of them a hole was made, experts suggest that the earlier coins were connected by a rope, which, however, did not survive.

The Sengoku period or “warring” — the period in Japanese history since the second half of the XV to early XVII century. Its name is a reference to the era of Warring States in China, covering the period from V century BC to the unification of China Qin Shi Huang in 221 BC, Both “age” went down in history because the country was tearing conflicts, provoked by the struggle for power. In Japan, the Sengoku period marked the loss of the shoguns of the Ashikaga dynasty control of the country, which led to a series of coups and rivalry between different factions.

We will remind, in the autumn of last year in Moscow was discovered two hoards. Let the number of coins they are both incomparably less discovered in Japan, each of them seemed to archaeologists of great scientific value. 27 Sep progress on Lower Radischevskaya street was discovered the money savings of a blacksmith from the XVII century, which, presumably, buried savings in the courtyard of his house. Among the 41 coins two turned out to be particularly rare, as they refer to the short period of the reign of Basil Shuisky. About a month later in almost the same place scientists have found the treasure during the reign of Peter I – 97 coins from an alloy of copper and silver, made in the technique of hand embossing.

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