In St. Petersburg collapsed house previously lived exploded “Crossroads” terrorist

The incident with the destruction of several apartments in a residential building in Saint-Petersburg as a result of gas explosion continued. Found the media, it turned out that it was in this house previously rented an apartment Dmitry Lukyanenko, who planted a bomb in the store “Crossroads”.

As reported by “Fontanka”, held on the terrorist case of blasting of the shop “Perekrestok” in St.-Petersburg Dmitry Lukyanenko lived in the house number 219 on the Avenue of the people’s Militia, which is today an explosion occurred that led to the destruction of several apartments.

Lukyanenko held a one-bedroom apartment from February 2017. She was in the fifth entrance, one from which today there was a gas explosion. While Lukyanenko lived in the same ninth floor, the cat and the epicenter of today’s explosion.

Now Lukyanenko is in the special block of the detention facility “Crosses”. February 27 this year, the Kalininsky district court of St. Petersburg extended the measure of restraint in form of arrest till 25 may 2018.

According to the Agency, the forensic psychiatric examination found the response to paranoid schizophrenia, resulting in Lukyanenko will be transferred to a specialized hospital. And then it will likely be convicted, and forcibly sent for treatment.

We will remind that explosion in the storage room of the supermarket “Crossroads” on Kondratyevsky Prospekt occurred on 27 December 2017. Then injured 18 people. Lukyanenko explained that thus wanted to draw attention to the school of personal growth “Deir”, the classes which were visited and then decided that it is exposed to.

Earlier RF IC reclassified his case under article “terrorist act.”

As for the damaged home today, then he, as reported in the MOE, evacuated 82 people. One person received assistance on the spot, and another was sent to the hospital. In addition, the hospital delivered six people. They were not injured in the explosion, but are immobile patients. The rest were placed in the gymnasium №399 on the street Volunteers, and the building was disconnected from gas and electricity.

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“Live from the scene of the explosion in a residential building of St. Petersburg: burning the entire apartment”

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