“Leggings and mashed potatoes was replaced by pork pies at the British inflation rate

– Office for national statistics (ONS) the UK is excluded from the number of components in the consumer price index lager beer in bottles, sold in night clubs, and pork pies, cheese Edam and peaches, baby tricycles and waxed legs.

In the framework of the annual revision to the list attached, action cameras, women’s leggings, services, play centres for children, and food products raspberry sold in baskets, mashed potatoes and quiche.

To evaluate inflation, the ONS collects data on more than 700 goods and services in 20 thousand points of sale. Annual revision not only updates the macroeconomic data, but also allows us to understand how the lives of British.

So, the food that United Kingdom citizens are buying take-out has become much more diverse, with the share of traditional dishes (including pork pies and fried fish with French fries) decreased.

Over the past ten years, the number of Nightclubs in the UK, known for its club culture, more than halved due to the strict policy of the local authorities to reduce the level of noise in urban areas. In this regard, for several years the ONS removes from the basket of goods that is characteristic of the clubs.

If you believe the statistical Department, strawberry gradually ceases to be the most popular berry in the country. The Brits are now less likely to remove hair on legs, but most use a moisturizing cream. An active lifestyle at the height of fashion, therefore, appeared on the list of sports leggings and a camera that will be useful to fans of extreme sports.

“Over time, there is a trend to a healthier lifestyle. Last year we added a “base layer clothing for men” – those items that you wear under sports clothing” – says a senior expert on statistics of ONS’s Phil Gooding.

According to ONS, consumer prices in the UK in January 2018 rose 2.7% compared with the same month last year.

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