Media reported about the attack on Merkel in front of the Bundestag

German police detained at the Parliament building of Germany, a strange man who intended to break into German Chancellor Angela Merkel when she left the building after his re-election for a fourth term. This is the website of the newspaper Die Welt.


As soon as Merkel left the building of the Bundestag, an unknown man rushed to her, shouting in an unfamiliar language, but was detained by her bodyguards.

The aggressive arrest of a stranger occurred when Merkel was getting in the car to head to the residence of the President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier for approval in the office.

Despite the incident, Merkel quickly got into the car and left the scene.

At the present time are the circumstances of the incident. The detained man was sent to questioning.

Before that Merkel officially took office and was sworn, which was read by traditional text recorded in the 56 th article of the Basic law of the FRG.

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