Media: the Wife of Arshavin compensated for the damage after the scandal on the plane

Wife of Russian footballer Andrei Arshavin Alisa compensated for the damage caused “to Aeroflot” from-for scandal on Board the aircraft. In early January, the woman got into an argument with crew members, after which it, along with her children landed from flight.

Photo: Alice Kazmina.

That Alice Arshavin settled the financial matters with the airline reports REN-TV, citing its sources.

It is noted that the company incurred additional costs due to flight delays and additional ground services at Sheremetyevo airport.

The incident involving the wife of a football player occurred at the beginning of January. Arshavin flying to his wife in Kazakhstan together with the children, demanded to transfer to the business class from economy class sitter.

Having been refused, the woman made a scandal, in particular, it threatened the crew members and presented them with “FSB major”. As a result, the commander of the crew decided to land Arshavin.

Later Kazakhstan model Olga Semenova also accused Arshavin of threats. According to the girl, after the emergence of online video, which Andrey Arshavin hugging her, the wife of the football player in social networks threatened to kill her.

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