Solved the secret of the elongated skulls that were discovered in Bavaria

The German anthropologist Joachim Burger, representing the University of Gutenberg, offered his version of the origin of the unusual elongated skulls, which since the middle of last century found in Bavaria. By assumption specialist, it skull women, in the V century of our era, arrived from the territory of modern Romania.


Having studied the DNA of 13 owners of unusual skulls, the scientists came to the conclusion that they were not blue-eyed blondes, like any other inhabitant of these lands, and had brown eyes and dark hair, like the women of Bulgarian and Romanian origin.

The expert suggests that the skulls of these women were deliberately drawn to emphasize their noble origin and wealth. It is known that in ancient times this practice was prevalent in Central Asia, as well as some other areas — including in Romania. The study authors see this as another argument in favor of the fact that on the territory of what is now Bavaria, woman with the unusual shape of the skull could have come from there.

A possible goal with which women are taken from one part of Europe to another, the researchers called dynastic marriages between the tribes. Although this version of the elongated skulls discovered too many Burger notes that they were found in different settlements.

The study was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

It is worth noting that sometimes the study of the genome is much more ancient people, which helps greatly to turn the idea of the appearance of the inhabitants of certain territories. For example, recently revealed that 10 thousand years, the inhabitants of the British Isles, in all probability, had dark skin and curly hair, but had blue eyes, today rare in this type of appearance.

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