Stephen Hawking before his death predicted doomsday

Wednesday, March 14, it became known that in the early morning at his home in Cambridge at the age of 76 years died one of the most famous theoretical physicists of our time Stephen Hawking. Almost completely paralyzed, speaking with the speech synthesizer of this extraordinary scientist, studied the problem of the origin of the Universe, in particular the theory of the origin of the world and the theory of black holes. We have collected 10 interesting facts about Hawking.

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1. Fate strikes

“The last half-century I have lived with the prospect of an early death. I’m not afraid of death, but not in a hurry to die, confessed Hawking. – I have so much to do.”

Signs of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which later led to paralysis, became Stephen Hawking in the early 1960s. When the doctors put a disappointing diagnosis, the predictions of doctors promised to a young man of two and a half years of life. But they were wrong.

Fate, however, continued to strike blows to Hawking: in 1985, he became ill with pneumonia. After the tracheostomy Hawking has lost the ability to speak – then friends gave him a speech synthesizer that was installed on his wheelchair.

The paralyzed scientist mobility remained only in a mimic muscle of a cheek, in front of which is fixed the sensor. With the help of the Hawking managed computer, allowing him to communicate with others.

2. Two wives, three children and a weightless flight

“My expectations were reduced to zero when I was 21. All that has been since then is a bonus”, said Stephen Hawking.

Serious illness did not prevent a paralyzed scientist lead an active life. He not only continued his scientific work, but also twice married and became the father of three children! In 2007 he took flight in zero gravity over the Atlantic on a specially schustermann the plane. Hawking wanted to fly in space – a flight was planned for 2009, but he was not destined to take place.

3. Smuggled the Bible in the USSR

Stephen Hawking repeatedly visited our country. He first came with the student group, one of whose members was asked to help their colleagues smuggle in the USSR of the Bible into the Russian language. The import of the Scripture behind the “iron curtain” succeeded, but on the way back the group was detained for some time, however, a few hours later all were released. Then Hawking came several times in the USSR on scientific Affairs. For example, in 1973, he discussed black holes with Soviet scientists Yakov Zeldovich and Alexei Starobin. In 1981, Hawking again visited Moscow at the international seminar on quantum gravitation theory.

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    4. From “the Simpsons” to “the big Bang Theory”

    Popularizer of science Hawking has become a character of mass culture. The scientist voiced himself in the popular cartoon series “the Simpsons” and “Futurama” and appeared in episodes of popular series like “the big Bang Theory”, where he appeared in one of the episodes, finding the arithmetic – “pretty stupid” – error in the work of Sheldon Cooper on the Higgs boson. In some episodes of this sitcom is the voice of Hawking. A scientist appeared in the famous sketch show “Little Britain” (“Little Britain”). Himself played Stephen Hawking in “Star trek. The next generation”.

    5. Just about the complex

    “I have a simple goal – claimed scientist. – It is the complete understanding of the Universe, why it is what it is and why it exists”.

    In 1988 he published a book of Stephen Hawking “a brief history of time”. On the bestseller list of the publication the Sunday Times she lasted a record 237 weeks! A wonderful example of popular scientific literature, written in simple, human language that allowed the General public to see the emergence of the Universe, the nature of space and time, black holes, superstring theory and some mathematical problems. And in 2005 he published “the Shortest history of time” – a reworked version of the previous book with the latest scientific discoveries.

    6. Family matters

    After Hawking was diagnosed with a serious illness, Stephen married in 1965, a friend of his sister, Jane Wilde. With her he had met while a student at Cambridge. According to Hawking, the engagement with Jane had given him then “something worth living.” They had two son (Robert and Timothy) and daughter Lucy. But the relations of the spouses emerged crack – Jane fell in love with another. In 1990 Stephen and Jane became separated, and later divorced officially. In 1995, Hawking married his nurse, Elaine Mason, “This is wonderful – I married the woman I love”. However, in October 2006, they also divorced.

    7. 25th of greatest Britons

    In 2002 Stephen Hawking has occupied 25-e a place in list of the 100 greatest Britons according to the version of Bi-bi-si. One place above him was the Queen Elizabeth II, and after Hawking is the translator of the Bible into English, William Tyndale (1494-1536).

    8. Hawking and trump

    The intention of the American President Donald trump out of the Paris agreement on the part of Stephen Hawking provoked sharp criticism. “We are approaching a tipping point when global warming becomes irreversible – said the scientist in interview Bi-bi-si. – Actions trump could push Earth to the brink, and she will become like Venus with a temperature of 250 degrees and acid rain…”.

    9. About God and aliens

    Despite the fact that in his youth Hawking contraband smuggled in the Soviet Union the Bible, scientist treat religion with skepticism (though he was more an agnostic than an atheist). However, in his “Brief history of time” he admitted the place of the most high in the creation of all things. But later the scientist came to the conclusion that the universe was created according to objective physical laws, and its appearance can be linked to the activity of the Supreme mind: “in order to light the fuse and run the Universe, don’t necessarily need God.”

    But in the existence of “brothers on reason” in many corners of the Universe Hawking believed. However, believed that aliens should stay away, because the consequences of their emergence on Earth may have implications are the same as for Indians in the time of Columbus ‘ arrival in America.

    10. Hawking end of the world

    Speaking about the birth of the Universe, Stephen Hawking could not help but think about the end of the world for mankind. He predicted four possible scenarios: nuclear war, artificial intelligence (developing, it will surpass the human race) created by genetic engineering of the virus (accidentally or intentionally created a dangerous virus can be deadly for all of humanity), global warming.

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