The astronomers said, what are the chances of mankind to communicate with aliens

The possibility that earthlings will one day receive a signal from aliens, is extremely low, and even if it happens barely at the time sent the message to extraterrestrial civilization will exist. To such conclusion experts from the United States.

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Scholars have suggested that it is unlikely any alien civilization would survive more than a hundred thousand years. At the same time, hardly radio signals will take less time to cover the distance to the Ground. Thus, even if the milky way is really filled with alien radio signals, experts suggest that they reach the Ground much later than at the point of dispatch will not remain creatures, ready to answer.

The solar system is about 26 thousand light years from the galactic center, and over 80 years since the advent of radio broadcasting the first signal coated less than thousandth of a percent of space occupied by the galaxy.

The specialists assume that the number of extraterrestrial signals that are received by the Earth at every point in time must correspond to the number of civilizations capable of such signals to send, even it can be already other aliens. According to the scientists, next they will wonder how in this context to understand the lack of any alien signals recorded to date.

One of the authors of the study was Frank Drake, author of the famous “formula” named after him. The Drake equation prednaznacheno to determine the number of extraterrestrial civilizations in the Galaxy with which mankind has a chance to get in contact. It includes such indicators as the number of stars formed per year in our galaxy, fraction of stars with planets, the percentage of planets suitable for life, the probability of the appearance of living organisms, and so on. It should be noted that the specific numerical values of some of these variables mankind while could only guess.

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