The day of PI day, a holiday which would be more appropriate on July 22

Today is an unofficial Day of PI celebrated the thirtieth time after physicist from San Francisco Larry Shaw invited to celebrate it today. Scientist noticed that the date is 3.14 coincides with the first digits of the famous number. “The climax” of the holiday will come in about half a minute to two o’clock in the afternoon – or come shortly before two o’clock in the morning, if you strictly adhere to the 24-hour system.


PI – a mathematical constant equal to the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. The exact value of this number in the decimal system cannot be written, however, with the advent of computer technology it was possible to calculate with exciting precision, now its value is known with an accuracy of up to ten trillion decimal places.

The world record for memorizing digits of PI after the decimal point belongs to a 21-year-old Indian student Radzhviru Mine, which is in March 2015 reproduced 70 thousand characters. In 2006 a Japanese man, Akira Haraguchi said that remembered a number to the 100th decimal place, but the test is not formally managed.

The number PI, in common parlance, is sometimes called “infinite”, but mathematicians often such annoying – infinite is not the number itself, but only the number of decimal places when you try to write it in the decimal system. In General, the irrational numbers from the rational is distinguished only by the fact that they cannot be written as fractions of integers. Otherwise, they represent an equally specific point on the real axis and meet quite often and not only in the case of circles, for example, the ratio of the diagonal of a square to its side is equal to square root of two.

July 22 is celebrated the day of the approximate value of PI equal to 22 divided by 7. It is believed that this number was first used in Europe for calculating this number, Archimedes has received this rating, considering right 96-gon. By the way, the fraction 22/7, or rather brings the number PI than 3,14 so if you do not take into account the imminent “second” of PI, July 22, in some sense, even more appropriate date for this occasion.

It is curious that in the day of PI, 14 March 1979, he was born one of the most famous scientists in history, albert Einstein, and today, 14 March 2018, departed this life, probably the most famous physicist of our time, Stephen Hawking.

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