The deceased in London, associate of Berezovsky, Glushkov found strangulation marks

On Tuesday it became known that on March 12 at 22:46 local time in London was found the body of Nikolay Glushkov, associate of fugitive Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky. Thus according to media reports his body showed signs of strangulation, and police are calling the death of a businessman “unexplained”.


The deceased in London, the 68-year-old ally Boris Berezovsky, Nikolai Glushkov traces of strangulation. About it reports “Kommersant” with reference to the familiar businessman, who was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment in Russia for the embezzlement of Aeroflot.

His body was found on the eve of daughter Natalia. Police in London say they can’t say it was murder or suicide and are investigating.

We will remind that Boris Berezovsky was found hanging from a scarf in a bathroom in his home outside London on March 23, 2013.

The newspaper also reports that in recent years there has been Glushkov serious health problems that could push him to suicide.

In turn TASS reports that the investigation into the death of Glushkov assigned to the counter-terrorism Department of the police. However, Scotland Yard announced that it was done due to precautionary measures with regard to that was this man. The police also stressed that the death Glushkov “is inexplicable”.

Continuing the theme: the death of the ally of Berezovsky, Glushkov: the strangulation marks gave rise to the conspiracy theories

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