The doctors learned how to make benches out of used Shoe covers

Benches, urns and landscape design elements created from recycled Shoe covers, gloves and disposable gowns of the doctors at the hospital in the Kemerovo region. Creative and useful method of waste disposal was developed and implemented by the employees themselves of the facility.

photo: press-service of Administration of the Kemerovo region

As told “MK” the chief physician of the regional center of miners ‘ health protection in Leninsk-Kuznetsky Vahram Aghajanian, the idea of using medical waste for the benefit of environment and society came when the staff evaluated the scale of the debris remaining after each day of work of the hospital. The leadership has developed its own waste-processing technology is patented it and began to implement the plan. According to the chief physician, the main volume of waste consists of products that are used every day in the Center: it’s a disposable bathrobes for operations, rubber gloves, Shoe covers, bed sheets and other consumables made of plastic. Employees collect the waste in containers and then placed in the apparatus for processing. This device is a stove in it at a temperature of 200 degrees material melted into a liquid mass of blue. Then, the mass can be poured into the desired shape and used to create various items. In an average day could be disposed of with the benefit from 10 to 20 plastic bags of garbage. In the Center are treated at the same time 600-700 people, and it turns out that each of them had a hand (or leg) to protect the environment.

The hospital said molded products from recycled materials should benefit society. Therefore, most of the former Shoe covers and bathrobes converted into comfortable benches, desks, urns and outdoor decor items. These items are used not only in hospitals but also in public parks. Thanks to the strength of the material, they are not afraid to weather the vagaries of plastic benches are able to withstand snow and rain.

By the way, the device for processing medical waste is in the hospital but in separate building. The heating process occurs without noise and smoke, so the oven brings inconvenience to patients.

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