The inhabitant of the Kirov region for the rape of a minor faces up to 15 years

The investigative Committee of the Kirov region has completed the investigation into the rape of a resident of the area of minor pupils of a boarding school. All defendants are charged with crimes under four articles of the Criminal code. The case was submitted to the court. About how much threatened by the defendant, learned “MK”.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Monday, March 12, the Investigative Committee of the Kirov region issued a statement on the conclusion of an investigation on resonant case of abuse of pupils of a boarding school. The case was submitted to the court, and the defendant is in custody. He is charged with crimes under 4 articles of the Criminal code, namely the item “in” parts of 3 articles 132 (as amended by Federal law of 13.06.1996 №63-FZ) – violent actions of sexual character concerning obviously not reached fourteen-year age – 7 criminal episodes; paragraph “a” of part 3 of article 132 (violent actions of sexual character concerning minors – 4 episodes); and part 1 of article 151 of the criminal code (involvement of minors in systematic alcohol production – 3 episodes) and paragraph “a” of part 2 of article 238 of the criminal code (possession or transport for the purpose of sale, distribution of goods not meeting safety requirements for life and health of consumers, a group of persons upon a preliminary collusion).

The defendant is a resident of the Kirov region, 1976. According to investigators, he repeatedly invited minor to drink alcohol or lured monetary reward. All his victims in the period from 2008 to 2017 were 5 minors. All of them pupils of one of boarding schools for children with disabilities. The investigation believes that the man knew about the age of the victims.

In addition, the prosecution notes that the accused was aware of the harmful effects of alcohol on the health and psyche of the minor, but still urged them to eat.

In a press-service of SU of SKR across the Kirov region has told “MK” that the man could face 8 to 15 years of imprisonment.

– Because he had not been convicted and the other aggravating circumstances is not, then the main term will be calculated according to article 132 of the third paragraph “To” plus there will be added other articles, but primary weight will have 132-I— have explained in SK.

In SK reported that in addition to the operational-search actions, employees were checking boarding school. On the basis of a disciplinary responsibility brought the Director of boarding, Director of educational work and 5 teachers.

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