The rating of the main events of the NHL: “the six hundredth” Ovechkin turned out to be steeper than the 19-year-old Laine

Present a traditional review of the week of the National hockey League (NHL), where all the most interesting and important.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

1) Winning series “Nashville”

“The Nashville Predators” continue to step on the toes of the main favorite of the season club “Tampa Bay lightning”. The team from Tennessee in the General table NHL is only two points away from opponents from Florida. And in the West, so far has a strong lead, ahead of “Vegas” at three points, and “Winnipeg” in all six.

This success has contributed desiatiletia winning streak. In the framework of which was played with such mastodons as “Saint Louis”, “Winnipeg”, “San Jose”, “Dallas” and “Anaheim”. Earlier the same number of victories in a row have players of “Colorado avalanche” in the period from 29 December to 22 January.

Unfortunately, to improve the statistics ward Peter Laviolette failed. On Saturday, the team lost in the penalty shootout, “new Jersey devilz” – 2:3.

But in General, local records should not be concerned about “Predators”. The club is serious about that, at least, to repeat its success (Stanley Cup finals). And all the resources for this are: it is and reliable game of the goalkeeper Pekka Rinne, who last week reflected 94% of all throws, and is a successful connection the defenders to attack. And most importantly – in their last 5 meetings missed just 10 goals.

In the end we have a team with strong defense, superior goalkeeper and versatile players, which is definitely a help for the successful continuation of the Banquet. But if “performance” will continue to act in the same spirit, there is a chance to get the first trophy before the start of the playoffs.

2) Andrey Vasilevskiy and his personal record

Last week was rich in important figures and achievements.

So, on March 8 became a holiday not only for women but also for Andrei Vasilevsky. The goalkeeper “Tampa”, reflecting on 27 shots in the game with Rangers has won the 40th win of the season. It was a repetition of the club’s record in League 2014-2015. Then the same number of victories was in Ben Bishop, now a spokesperson for “Dallas stars.”

Well, this season Vasilevskiy is the first among all goalies crossed the line. And this is clearly not planning to stop.

Possibly, only will take a little break, as it was in the last game with “Montreal”. That day the coaching staff gave our hero a well-deserved rest. A logical decision, given that himself and Andrew before it was recognized in the “accumulated fatigue”. And on the eve of the playoffs, which starts in less than a month, it looks rather a necessary measure. In any case, in stock at Vasilevsky there are still 12 matches in which to improve his stats.

3) Patrick Laine – Alexander Ovechkin: the clash of two generations

Last Monday was probably the most anticipated Monday of the year. And all because of the battle between the “Winnipeg jets” “Washington capitals”. However, the intrigue was not so much in the fight, as his main characters.

On Saturday, the striker jets Finn Patrick Laine in the game, the flyers scored his 40th goal. The team, however, it did not help – final defeat – 2:1. But let the player to press the sniper pedestal of Alexander “the Great” Ovechkin and catch up with Wayne Gretzky for most goals in a career before age 20.

The entire hockey world have been waiting all week from Ovechkin that the 600-th goal in the NHL. But Alexander could not overcome this boundary. Moreover, the Line did not think that their face-to-face confrontation, they both will fit in the status “divides the first line”.

And here are the two main contenders for the “Maurice Richard Trophy” clashed in a merciless duel. But, as expected, took up a more experienced member of the bout. The only puck Line Ovechkin responded with two who not only brought his team to victory (3:2), but contributed solely to seize power in the table of Goalscorers (42 goals).

However, the forward of “missiles” not far behind (41 washer), and this means that Line still have the opportunity to become the second player in League history who managed to take first place in the list of the best snipers until he was 20 years old. Similar honors at age 19 was awarded to Rick Nash, scoring 41 goal in the season 2003-2004.

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