The winner of the Olympic games-2018 hospitalized with a mental disorder

Scandalous skater from South Korea Kim Bo-Ring, which in their words addressed to the speakers at the Olympics in 2018 compatriots have incurred the wrath of fans, but nonetheless won silver in Pyeongchang, was again at the centre of trouble. This time she was hospitalized with a mental disorder.


Author: Sasha Krotov.

Kim Bo-Ring took second place at the Olympics-2018 in the mass start, but more memorable to others. In the team race South Korea ranked only seventh place, after which the skater was accused of bad results on their partners. Immediately appeared on the Internet a petition calling to suspend the athlete from the national team, and the document was signed by 600 thousand people.

During the stay in the Olympic village Kim Bo Eye became afraid of meeting people, but now it has gone even further.

25-year-old skater went to the doctors, who decided to hospitalize her. As reported by Yonhap, she was diagnosed with alarming nervosa, which is expressed in panic attacks and obsessions. It is noteworthy that the mother of Kim Bo-Ring was also hospitalized with similar symptoms.

Olympics 2018. Chronicle of events

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