Climatologists have predicted a flood that threatens millions of people

By the middle of the next century century, the territory on which today there are more than five million people, can be under water because of rising sea levels. With such a forecast made by experts from several American universities and independent research organizations. According to scientists, to prevent it can only measure to combat global warming.

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After analyzing the data of sensors that monitor tides, experts drew up a climate model, which showed that by 2150, the water can flood coastal areas and Islands, including a number of small island States, where today is home to 60 thousand people.

The specialists say that if the pace of global warming to keep at least half a degree, the consequences will be less severe. All were considered three scenarios under which the average global temperature increases by half, two or two and a half degrees Celsius.

Scientists assume that humanity will be able to avoid excessive sea level rise, if implemented, the Paris climate agreement adopted in 2015.

The study was published in the journal Environmental Research Letters.

Climate change many scientists have long considered one of the main problems that need the attention of mankind. Some experts are even of the opinion that in the case of inactivity, the process of global warming in the near future could overcome a kind of “point of no return” after which to stop is impossible, regardless of any further action taken by humanity.

One of the main steps taken in order to combat climate change, was the adoption of the relevant agreement signed in 2015 in Paris. In the summer of 2017, the President of the United States Donald trump took the decision to withdraw his country from the Paris agreement, triggering sharp criticism from many scientists.

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