The guard was fired for lewd photo genitals

Intimate scandal about which to write is awkward, broke out in the UVD on the Moscow metro. In the act discrediting honour of the police officer was not charged something like a sentry, and a specialist psychological unit! In the Network published photos of the “dignity” of captain Kurbanova, and responsible for morality in the ranks of guards of the subway was fired for the basest manifestation of his masculine “I”. However, the ex-policeman pleaded not the owner of the penis depicted in racy photographs, and went to look for the truth in court.

photo: Alex geldings

The scandal began last fall, when the account of a certain Ilona in the public Dating police in the social network was posted four photos. Shown in the first specialist 4th division (moral and psychological support) of Department on work with personnel of the Department of internal Affairs on underground the captain of internal service Rasim Kurbanov. The absolutely innocent man resting in a cafe. But the second… There is a citizen with his face covered, holding a… penis! The last two images, which is the most “dignity” closeup.

Intimate sight has excited Internet users, and the public literally exploded. The honor and dignity of captain Kurbanova was exposed to questioning, discussion and censure. Added fuel to the fire and a few ladies — I wrote in the comments that Rasim was obscenely Intrusive in dealing with them. But there were also defenders to discredit the law enforcement. This wave has not passed unnoticed by the chiefs of police of the Metropolitan subway. Was assigned a service check.

Convicted officer noted that the photographs defaming the uniform, do not. COP also suggested that someone had deliberately mounted the image and trying to ruin his career in the internal Affairs bodies. (Oh! This legend is as old as the world!) However, the inspectors did not believe Kurbanov. In the study of intimate pictures they came to the conclusion that the resemblance between the captain and the pictured “stripper” is obvious. And not only there. Cited performance test results: “When comparing the photos it is established that in the second photo the face of a partially closed hand with the phone, however, oval face, receding hairline, hair color, eyebrows, physique and clothing come to the conclusion that it depicts Kurbanov R. A.”. Moreover, the experts went further: they concluded that the penis two other photos presumably belongs to the same person! And here already there are questions to respected experts. It is clear that to identify the face of a colleague who you see almost every day, not so difficult. But how to identify that part of it which they never saw? To assume that captain Kurbanov before this case appeared naked on the job, we can’t. There is another option (it is a disgraced policeman turned ladies in the form), but then you need to have a phenomenal memory… As, for example, a character from the film “Once in America” in the famous scene with the identification of the rapist by the very dignity.

It would be logical to check Kurbanov’s lying or not, and then science again to help us. But the captain, according to the inspection before passing to the research on polygraph deliberately took medication, after which the procedure can’t be carried out. In the end, the captain was fired.

It would seem, what a shame! After this is not something that bodies to come back — many of the nose and on the street (and Internet) are not shown. But Rasim decided to go to the end, closing his eyes at the ridicule of colleagues. The offended captain has addressed in petty-bourgeois court against the interior Ministry. At Themis, the ex-COP asked to restore it to service, order the defendant to pay him moral damages and to punish the perpetrators.

In the temple of justice Kurbanov said that his the morning of October 11, 2017 (the day after the discovery of incriminating staff photos) hastily tried to send to the polygraph, not really explained why, but the study was not allowed, so he drinks blood pressure pills. Unemployed law enforcement and its representatives requested the court to appoint examination, set by IP address, the identity of the people who posted the images to have a polygraph test, but the Themis has considered that only an internal review, which formed the basis of the decision on refusal in satisfaction of the claim Kurbanova. Former warden of the Metropolitan subway has been rushed to appeal the verdict.

— I served in the police since 2006. All have positive characteristics, always had good performance. This case is nothing like framed photos edited and put on a par with my real picture, — said Rasim Kurbanov.

We caught up with co-workers dismissed by law enforcement, and they told me that 100 percent no one, of course, will not confirm whose “economy” is shown in the photo. Is that wife? But she Rasim divorced. By the way, after the divorce he began to pay attention to the opposite sex.

What we confess, we, too, conducted its own investigation and could not agree that the photograph, where the closed part of the face and be intimate, shows a man well, very similar to Rasim. However, from a legal point of view it is unclear why it was not presented ample evidence of guilt? The second point: if the intimate photographs of Rasim came to the third parties and they published them in our time will not be easy to restore the identity of the attackers. Remains open and the third is a tricky question: how was installed albeit “speculative”, but ill-fated on Kurbanov? It’s funny to you? But the captain was not amused. The Russian justice he had not expected and wants to appeal to the European court. It is there that it will apply to all members — both real and fake.

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