The state Duma wants to cancel the exam, “He did more harm than good”

On Friday a group of Russian deputies in the Duma introduced a bill to abolish the Unified state exam. One of the authors of the document, Deputy head of the Committee on education and science Boris Chernyshov, explained that from the beginning the essence of the exam was not in training, and “training” of students, so it is an urgent need to abolish it, and to return to traditional exams.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

Recall that the debate about the appropriateness of the Unified state exam is being conducted since its introduction. The Duma has repeatedly received bills for the abolition of the exam, but all were rejected. Is there any sense in our days, after significant upgrades to abandon the exam, we found out from the head of the Federal team KIMS examination in mathematics Ivan Yashchenko — a supporter of the exam, and the first Deputy Chairman of the Committee on education and science Oleg Smolin , one of the main opponents of Unified state examination.

Ivan Yashchenko: “the Question of whether or not to cancel the exam, it is best to ask the guys who study and live far beyond MKAD. When talking with the students from remote villages of Yakutsk or Siberia any person calling for the abolition of the exam, you will understand that trying to deprive these children of the opportunity to enroll in higher education institutions and universities in other major cities. The exam is an opportunity to enter leading universities in the country for children from the regions. It is not necessary to have special Tutors that train in the specific institution, as before, and just good to study the curriculum and to review with their teachers. After 2013, when they managed to cope with the leakage of the tasks on the exam, good results have really talented children who learn better than others. Unified mathematics examination is divided into two levels — base and profile, it’s all very convenient to prepare and pass the exam depending on the selected for admission of the University and faculty.”

Oleg Smolin: “My opinion is that the exam should be sentenced to modernization, including the need to make optional, rather than mandatory. In General, a Single examination has brought Russia much more harm than good. Defenders of the exam argue his favor the fact that it gives you the opportunity to enter the universities of the major cities children from the regions. But there is another side to the coin: after the training the most talented young people are not returned to their regions and leaving to work abroad. Of course, it is impossible to completely shoulder all the blame for the leak of Russian brains on the exam, but nevertheless he accelerates. In General, due to our longstanding fight a Single examination has been significantly upgraded, so with further improvement he can be kept in a voluntary form for school groups, which he really needed. Such a system already existed in Russia from 2001 to 2008 and now operating in Crimea. It graduates can choose the form of delivery of final school examinations and entrance examinations in higher education — in the form of a traditional exam or test”.

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