Russian psychiatrists worried about the underlying processes in society

According to psychiatrists who have made reports at the round table, dedicated to the 160th anniversary since the birth of Vladimir Serbian, Russia will increase the number of mental disorders among all segments of the population. At present, every fifth citizen suffers from any mental illness. Extracts from reports published edition “Kommersant”.

According to the Russian psychiatrists, the situation with mental illnesses in the country will only get worse. Today every fifth there is this or that disorder, and every second has a high chance to get it for life. The leaders of the disorders: anxiety, insomnia, depression, senile dementia. It is emphasized that the fairer sex is more vulnerable to these diseases. According to world statistics, depression affects about 26% of women and only 12% of men.

Russian doctors are very concerned about the underlying processes in society. In particular, they note that the disorders in large numbers begin to recorded among children. Thus, according to the main children’s psychiatrist of Moscow of Anna Portnova, the largest number of disorders at the age of 6-7 years, when children go to school. According to her, the disease can cause almost any reason: fatigue, “improper handling of teachers with students”, bullying in school, and others. This can lead to apathy, and later become the cause of suicide, said Portnov.

The chief psychiatrist of the Ministry of health Zurab Kekelidze pointed out that the Russians have their own features: they shy away from treatment to not get the stigma of “crazy”. While doctors say that Russian medicine is very humane costs even with heavy patients: Chikatilo was kept without any grids, and the Institute of Serbia there is only one straitjacket, she’s in the Museum.

The doctors came to the conclusion that the number of mental disorders in Russia will only increase. And we are not talking about severe deficiencies, and the lighter ailments: neuroses and depression. However, if these disorders start, you can get more serious problems. “We have very good screens, all around in bloom gardens, patients can move freely around the territory and go home if you wish”— said the doctors.


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