The Creator of the “Newbie” explained what to do in case of poisoning

In the opinion of created substance “Beginner” military chemist Vila Mirzayanov, Scriply that were poisoned by the chemical, the antidote to delay is still imposed, but their bodies had already received irreversible damage. It is also worth Recalling that poisoned brother, Kim Jong-UN has always carried a vial of atropine, but they saved his life from the battle of VX aerosol.

In interview Bi-bi-si, the Creator of the nerve chemical “Beginner” Vil Mirzayanov told about the existing antidotes to it.

“As a first aid it is necessary to use atropine and Athens. Also developed a stronger antidote, which helps to suspend the substance. However, they do not cure the person,” he explained.

According to Mirzayanov, Scriply, albeit belatedly, but still introduced into the vein need an antidote, and that helped them to survive. However, their organisms by that time had already been irreversibly affected.

That after poisoning a Novice recovery is practically impossible, military chemist Mirzayanov said the British media on March 13. Then he pointed to the fact that the formula of the chemical is 10 times stronger than any existing nerve substance, classified, and producing it could only be in Russia.

It is also worth noting that the poisoned brother, Kim Jong-UN always to carry the antidote in the form of ampoules of atropine, but it did not save him from the combat aerosol VX.

In turn, the Russian side continues to deny his involvement in the production of this toxic substance. “Neither in Soviet times nor during the Russian Federation on the territory of the country was not research that would have direct or codename Novichok,” — said the Russian foreign Ministry.

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