Chess candidates tournament in Berlin: the expert spoke about the errors of grandmasters

On passing in Berlin the candidates tournament, where eight grandmasters are fighting for the opportunity to join the fight for the chess crown c the current world champion Norwegian Magnus Carlsen, has changed leaders. American Hikaru Nakamura and Azerbaijani Shakhriyar Mamedyarov after six matches and topping the table.


How fickle leadership positions in chess! Yesterday-the day before you were on the first row of the table, and today you dramatically shifted. Not in the last place, of course, but still. It happened with Vladimir Kramnik, wins which are admired in the first few rounds, but after six games the picture has changed. In the fourth round Kramnik defeated Fabiano Caruana, and on Friday, before the second rest day, the Russian black color lost to Shahriyar Mammadyarov. Now both grandmaster, who beat Kramnik, tied for first place with 4 points. What happened to the former world champion? We talked to the grandmaster, three-time champion of World chess Olympiad the team of Russia, European champion in rapid chess Alexei Dreev.

— Of course, Kramnik brilliantly started. Then there was this dramatic party with Fabiano Caruana, where Vladimir played to win and made a serious view of what happens to him lately. The position was bad, but Kramnik is very good resist, to turn the tide of the fight, and suddenly the advantage was on his side. But in the end the party lasted very long, and it ended in favour of the Russian grandmaster. After this dramatic round, Kramnik was difficult to gather. However the next game with Wesley so, he again played to win, but the fight ended in a draw. And here in the sixth round, Kramnik again was defeated.

— After losing to Shahriyar Mammadyarov, Kramnik told me about some hallucinations, which prevented him from properly costed options. What do you think, is this was the main reason for the unsuccessful result?

— I would not all be attributed to hallucinations. In my opinion, it all started with the fact that Kramnik was the “rape” position. There is a saying in chess that most accurately tells about what is now in question. Instead of a logical repetition of moves to finish the game in a draw, he went for complications which seem to me inappropriate. Kramnik received a severe position, but his opponent has not used fully the error. But then followed a second serious inaccuracy, which led to the defeat. But the main reason is that the Russian grandmaster overestimated position. Each party plays to win, even where they shouldn’t be breaking some laws of chess. Probably, if not defeat Caruana, he would so recklessly with Mamedyarov did not play.

Unfortunately, the star of the Russian chess Sergey Karjakin went to the last place, not having won a single victory. Many believe that it was tired of the media leads to such results: “Rooting for Sergei, but he knew that he would not be in the lead. Tired man”, “Sergey in this tournament, but, unfortunately, a lot of his time was spent on the promotion of chess”, — write fans Karjakin. In the last game, he played a draw with Chinese player Ding Liren. The repetition of positions already on the 18th move led to a peaceful outcome. Maybe Sergey Karjakin still be able to gather my thoughts and show everyone what he is capable of and what the fans are waiting for his chess work. And to contribute at the moment, this is a well-deserved day off. Our expert believes that to give up too early, can happen anything.

Here a tournament is where there are no underdogs and no favorites. It all depends on the day, the state of chess at the moment, from luck, of course. Now there is nothing wrong with the situation, still many times to change. But it is obvious that Sergey is playing below their capabilities. And his opening preparation is also poor. If you remember the game with Aronian where Sergey white color already in the twentieth stroke was very bad, it seems that he got it wrong in the opening. And plays in General, somehow without a spark. Why — is unclear. Maybe a bad start so affected him, and maybe this huge responsibility that he takes. Will he be able to improve the situation in the second round — we will see next.

After six rounds first and second place with 4 points divide Fabiano Caruana and Shakhriyar Mamedyarov; 3-5-th place — Alexander Grischuk, Ding Liren, Kramnik — 3 points; 6th and 7th with 2,5 points is shared between Levon Aronian and Wesley so.

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