Dmitry Kuznetsov: Golovin don’t have to “sell” yourself

Of course, the most important event of the last football week scored a victory of CSKA over Lyon in the 1/8 finals of the Europa League — 3:2. There, in France, after a disappointing home defeat 0:1.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

The captain of CSKA Moscow, who became the last champion of the USSR, for a long time, then played in Spain. It is to what to compare…

— Leaving, alas, left out of the “locomotive”, who would have believed before the return matches in the “Zenith” or CSKA native?

— Honestly, waiting for results from the army. When the smell of fried, CSKA can always give something, such. Take the game with Manchester United, Arsenal — our team is strong in spirit like no other! And those memories made me think: here, too, nothing is impossible.

— However, all the betting scenario, if anyone had to offset the first loss, so it is Zenit?

All these St. Petersburg scandals that generate psychological insecurity, are passed to command. And when the coach sees to blame anyone other than yourself is also a bad sign. Yeah, and Zenit can win this match, but only 2:1. Continue is unlikely.

— Did you expect such a confident game from CSKA?

— Frankly, no. And problems with the squad was, and a home defeat could undermine psychologically. Therefore doubly pleased that the result achieved using a quality game.

— Now, many coaches say, change teams Messi, the result would be the opposite. This time it is possible to say about the Golovin, who is recognized as the best player of the week in the Europa League?

Yet this young boy needs to gain experience, because he obviously looks to the West, therefore, is doubly motivated. But too early to be euphoric — a game need to show throughout the season.

— While Akinfeev repelled 12 attacks. Or difficult to talk about some luck when our team scored three times on the road?

— Akinfeev has long been an outlier amongst our goalkeepers. No matter how hayali his fans, he is able to gather in such games. Let had only two serious chances, but he really saved.

— It is obvious that CSKA is better are the away matches. And not only in the Europa League, where foreign fields were still defeated Benfica and Basel. In the championship, to take the match in Grozny, the same picture. What is the reason?

— All teams on their field playing or trying to play in the attack, exposing their own rear. It is an axiom. But CSKA have fast guys that the way things are. Plus Dzagoev with good passing skills, is able to vary the direction of attack. This, this time was enough.

— You agree that CSKA have a very limited lineup compared to other Russian participants of League of Europe?

— CSKA by and large has not made acquisitions, so Willy-nilly, let the young boys. They play less pattern, more run faster. And it’s actually the main guarantee for the future.

Coach Lyon admitted that CSKA was better in all components. So, after all the coach and team play we need to put in the forefront?

Of course, army trainers studied home matches, “Lyon”, found flaws in the defensive actions of the owners.

— The French scored after the ball went out of bounds. You are a supporter of this hated me, VAR?

For this system it is necessary to set a time limit — 30 seconds not more. Do you think the gates of the “city” or “United” such a goal ever scored? And then, why do we need judges outside the gates if they are about anything at all?

— So what?

— To earn. And if you want to “fuse”, the main in any circumstances accept the “right” decision. Although now it seems that even to think about, but the judges still choose what to watch and what is not.

— On stage — “the Arsenal”. This is better than Atletico?

Much. Arsenal operates in a manner that gives play and the opponent. And “Atletico” is the pressure all over the pitch. When well supplied counter-attacking game, Chelsea are a good option for CSKA.

— Golovin is another chance to make rapid and obviously a good step in the direction of Europe. And with Arsenal, they are very right for each other, right?

— We can say that this is the first real test for the fledgling Golovin. But first and foremost he needs to think about how to play for the team, not to “sell” themselves on the field. I looked Fernades in games with atlético, the Portuguese were doing just that. All by himself, oblivious to the partners. Lose the ball, then resent and not running back — this is unacceptable.

You and your whole generation, unlike the current, went abroad without any hesitation. Only because of the difference in money?

The conditions is also, of course, played a role. But first and foremost was the desire to test himself in Europe, to assess the level of one of the best leagues. To gain invaluable experience. Notice, all who played in Spain, so much learned from this invaluable experience that later became coaches.

— Why now even the most talented do not seek to get into the best League in the world?

For me, it’s amazing. Yes, huge salaries playing a role. Here you earn 3 million euros per year, paying only 13% tax. And there the salaries will hold 46 or 50 percent. But most importantly, I think, afraid to take a chance. In the West, legionary should be a cut above the locals. This frightens many.

— The army men and other our participants of the Europa League has postponed the matches of the current round of the championship from-for preparation of Russian national team for friendly meetings with Brazil and France. We ever going to learn to respect your own calendar or ever will create hothouse conditions for the national team and clubs?

Yet, bearing in mind the conditions of the matches, to the hothouse far. Playing in the fields is yellow, winter hats and even jackets. Indeed, do not respect themselves. At the games of the Premier League a thousand spectators…

— In Spain, where you played for many years, it is possible that tour collapsed for the team, even on the eve of a home world Cup?

— No, of course. We had a case where before the Euro-92 “Espanyol” was ready to carry us with Korneev and Galaninym in every training match. But to carry tours, truncate them — in Spain this is unthinkable.

Russia, despite all the other destruction, have updated the best result for points in the UEFA coefficients table. And the championship seems to be getting weaker from year to year…

— We bring a lot of foreign players. Most, admittedly, a good level. They largely determine the position of the Russian clubs ranking. The same Musa, Wernbloom, Farfan, a number of Argentines in the “Zenith”…

— Since the tour with us went so fleeting, there is reason to talk about it. How the Kazan victory of “Spartacus”, coupled with a home defeat of the “Krasnodar” change the disposition of the upper part of the table?

— By and large do not change. Lokomotiv, I’m sure your won’t let go. Now the railwaymen will throw everything at the championship, a victory which they deserved.

Congrats on the lead at the start of the championship of Kazakhstan. What are you doing in Pavlodar, again Spanish trail?

— The way it is. The team was headed by a Spaniard, who had previously worked in America and Australia. Helped Benitez at Liverpool. Now decided to start an independent career. The staff in Pavlodar was set a good, albeit for a short time. The club is large by local standards, traditions, victories long gone. Will the Spaniards to rectify the situation.

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