Doll beheaded: the Theatre staged “Princess Turandot”

In the puppet Obraztsova — the Prime Minister adult, the sixth in a row — “Princess Turandot” by Carlo Gozzi. However, the age limit is perhaps the only drawback of this unusual performance. New job glavrezha theatre of Boris Konstantinov must-see not only for adults but also for children with an immersion in reality stop believing in fairy tales. But they exist, and the magic still has not been canceled — “Turandot” is proof of that.

Photo: Alexander Ivanishin

Actually, it’s not a performance, but the performance was a surprise. Surprises around every corner. The Chinese tale, and it takes place in Venice. And not in the Piazza San Marco, and the water in this town in abundance. And even under the bridge. Water, of course, is not water in its purest form, but her image is precise and captured the whole scene from downstage, a black surface under the lights streaked with silver, shaking, lifting to the back of the stage. And this water here and there scurrying boats, boats, ledisi with different characters and events. Boat Park (in the play, as it turns out, 20) exports of Altoum, Emperor of China, Calaf, the Prince of the Nogai Tatars, the cruel Princess Turandot with their slave-girls — Selimaj and Adelmo. And executioner, 4 sages of the Chinese sofa, warriors, and combined Chinese orchestra. The Venetian bridge was curved behind the scenes, and between the old Venetian houses on the ropes, as has long been customary here, drying clothes. After Carlo Gozzi Konstantinov fairytale story combined with improvisation and buffoonery. Therefore, as the Overture of the play the audience is invited skirmish of the famous masks of the Commedia Dell’arte — the chief of the eunuchs Truffaldino, chief squires of Brighella, the great Chancellor of chartali and Secretary Pantaloon.

Truffaldino: My beloved Princess every time you disgrace of a Prince its mysteries, and send him to his death, rejoicing in victory and makes me some kind of gift.

Brighella: I hate the cruelty of this Princess.

Truffaldino: She’s right, he does not want to marry. Marriage is a very indiscreet and annoying thing.

Pantalone: I agree with Truffaldino.

Brighella: He’s just a eunuch. All the eunuchs hate marriage.

Appears Columbine. Removes clothes. Brighella fled.

Brighella (already out the window of Columbine): to Bring would the sacrifice of this pig-face, Princess. And all the misery end.

And unhappiness, by the way, on an international scale (the Princess ‘ heart expect “children” of different peoples), are just beginning. Unapproachable daughter of the Emperor of China, by the way, pretty good old man (in whom only she?), downright sadistic pleasure continues to torment contenders for your hand, making them tricky puzzles. And those downright masochistic pleasure let her do it: “I want death or Turandot!” The French guillotine is working properly, shinkuem heads as cabbages. However, masks of the Commedia Dell’arte their comments from time to time return us from the Venice of China in today’s reality: “Water in Venice no less troubled than your play”.

Behind the scenes.

No, Boris Konstantinov at all bloodthirsty story are not Guignol, and indeed a tale full of magic, sorcery, and love. Magic in the dolls of Viktor Antonov: they kinds, in number 65, and all made only from bamboo. This natural material is an amazing way gives a sense of time, age, and antiquity of what is happening. You know — that was long ago.

Magic and magic in how to operate the doll, or rather, the artists with them. One doll are two or three people, and dolls are alive, with moving facial expressions, plastic, although it would seem, bamboo is not so flexible. And composer Kate MITS (aka Ekaterina Panteleeva) in the sound score exactly brought the East and the West.

Under the sinister, the deathly-pale moon multi-figure scenes in the boats at speed succeed one another, the masks of the Commedia Dell’arte unwind the plot and lead to the final. And it would be very unexpected: a lover to cut the head itself will be on the guillotine. However, briefly and in jest — mask also having a fun improvisation.

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